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[WIP] [Tiberium Resurrection]


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5 000 views on cncnet, 4 300 views on ppmsite, 600 views on w3dhub and 500 views on cncnz

= 10 000 views

We recently passed amazing 10K views milestone which I really, REALLY did not expect this early :P. So, what have we already reached?

As every project, I started at 0. Since then, Tiberium Resurrection:

  • reached more than 10 000 views on Forums
  • reached more than 1 300 views on YouTube
  • got to 4 Forums
  • got channel on 4 Discord servers

And much more... but most importantly, I have had a great time making this mod :)


As a "reward" for reaching this milestone, I got 2 videos. 1st one reveals new logo for Tiberium Resurrection  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2adhq6PB-c) and 2nd one will show Mauler's strength against other in-game units (will be released soon, idea by lazygecko).

I have already prepared a "reward" for reaching 50K views. This one will be like no-other before, and even I am excited about it!

Cheers :P 

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Throughout this long journey, Tiberium Resurrection grew exponentially, but I spoke very little about all it's sites and places, where you can find it, so let's fix it!

You can find Tiberium Resurrection on all these forums:


PPM forumshttps://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=46351&sid=7df13414974662fa936d5d2fd7d8f141



You can find Tiberium Resurrection on all these Discord servers:

OFFICIAL Discord: https://discord.gg/jwRerrV

CnCNet: https://discord.gg/CsQybQ9

CnCNet Creatives Hubhttps://discord.gg/XS493sx

Tiberian Sunhttps://discord.gg/RydcJqR

C&C + BFME Moddinghttps://discord.gg/WGcu4N6

C&C Mod Havenhttps://discord.gg/MBuCYTQ

You can download Tiberium Resurrection from here:



You can watch Tiberium Resurrection here:


I would like to especially say BIG THANK YOU to the following people: @Holland@dkeeton, @Messiah, @fir3w0rx, @Hamed_Elite, @Tibermach, @bk57@Aro, OrangeNero, Banshee, Raptor29aa, Threve, Jeod, @SCIPCION, @FunkyFr3sh, Kerbiter, Lazygecko, Enigma, Mjjstral, @Humble, @RaVaGe, WavePy, @OmegaBolt, @McPwny, @Nyerguds, StringStormFear StringsMatt Majcan, Frank Klepacki, Sky, neogrant, @Rampastring, @Tore, lylak, @PTapioK, all of my YouTube subscribers and many more...

It's impossible to list everyone who helped or supported me, so thank you all for your support and help so far. Don't forget to share / support Tiberium Resurrection everywhere you can. Cheers :P

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Tiberium Resurrection now has 8 developers!


  • Primary roles: Mapper, video editor
  • Secondary roles: Designer, modder, tester


  • Primary role: Modeler
  • Secondary roles: Modder, mapper


  • Primary role: Soundtrack maker
  • Secondary roles: Modder


  • Primary role: Grammar Revisor
  • Secondary roles: Mapper


  • Primary role: Tester
  • Secondary roles: 


  • Primary role: Tester
  • Secondary roles: 

No Strings Prd

  • Primary role: Story-wise person
  • Secondary roles: 


  • Primary role: Tester
  • Secondary role: Mapper

I am looking forward to co-operate with them, we will be a great team! :P

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Tiberium Resurrection 2.5 is going to be released on 22nd December!

Great, right? I am really excited to announce this update we all have been working on lately... Lets see what is new:

Map-related changes:

- re-worked briefings for all maps (read in main post above)!

- planned 1 more map, 1st map shortened into prologue, 2nd map now recognized as 1st!

- FULL version of 1st campaign map - Propaganda Forecast!

- 3rd skirmish map - Tiber River by @Hamed_Elite and @54VAGEW01F!

General changes:

- new ModDB page for TR!

- new SoundTrack - Alert & Awakened by @Holland!


- MediaFire and ModDB pages are now disables till the release of the update, sorry for inconvenience!

- the Prologue gameplay premiere on 21st December!

- want to see some pictures? Here you go! 

Propaganda ForecastPropaganda Forecast

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6 000 views on CnCNet, 5 400 views on PPMforums, 800 views on W3DHub and 700 views on CnCNz

Thank you for your support! I hope you are excited about the update 2.5, so I decided to tell you more about its maps!:)

the Prologue:

This map should get player into the story and introduce new tiberium type. Beating this map is pretty easy and took me under 5 minutes. Bet you won't expect the ending :P. Me and my colleagues are currently testing the map. Gameplay premiere from this map coming 21st December!

Propaganda Forecast:

This map talks about Nod propaganda system and challenges player to destroy it piece by piece. The map is pretty big and it is not finished yet, but expected length should be approximately 1 hour. Map is hard, but gets easier over time as player gains more bonuses... 

Tiber River (2-5 players):

I'm trying to finish Propaganda Forecast as soon as possible, so this map may have to wait for the next update... The biggest challenge should be the map itself as I'm working on multiple triggers to make this interesting.

Oh, and here are some more screenshots!


PS: Map-making video is going to be out on 14th December! Cheers :P

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Tiberium Resurrection 2.5 is out!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sgxqrhas3g4wg8d/TiberiumResurrection.exe/file

ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-resurrection

Mauler, 3rd SoundTrack and Tiber River v2 will be featured in the next update due to lack of time.

Merry christmas and happy new year!

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Tiberium Resurrection has 2 new developers and 1 new Discord!

Thanks to @Sinyxer, you can now find Tiberium Resurrection on the official CnCNet Discord! Join us at https://discord.gg/CsQybQ9

We also have 2 new developers - @GradualyWatermelon(Tester) and @MirceaOfRivia (Mapper). Welcome, I believe we will accomplish even more together!

PS: Expect a patch for Tiberium Resurrection 2.5 soon...

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