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Connection Fails after seconds



Hi at all,

I can not play yuris revenge on cnc net. I can host a game or join a game and after loading and a few seconds, there is an connection error. 

I searched a bit in the forums and found a similar problem, but there was the problem, the people were in egypt. But I'm from Germany ;-)

Now what i tried until now:

- Virus Protection is Sophos Home Premium, i excluded the whole folder, where the game is installed

- I added every *.exe in the folder to windows firewall

- I completely reinstalled the game from origin and cncnet client.

- Installed everything on my Laptop, no success.

-> Very interesting: I can play it when only my Computer and Laptop are in the online(!) match. But they are in the same network.

Maybe it was more, but i can't remember ?

There is a log File, i think there is an interesting line (last one):

08.04. 19:22:36.891    Contacting tunnel at
08.04. 19:22:36.892    Downloading from
08.04. 19:22:37.033    Added port 12346
08.04. 19:22:37.036    Added port 31598
08.04. 19:22:37.043    SRM: NOTICE #cncnet-yr-game1897848 :START 841920;Saesch;;(removed player name);

Why is there no IP?

OS is Windows 10 Pro

CNCnet Version: 4.26

I will not post hardware details, because i think its not an hardware issue.

Thanks a lot for your help.

And sorry for my english?

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