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FinalSun Complete Tutorial

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Posted (edited)

Welcome mappers, players, modders and other people that are interested in mapping Tiberian Sun. If you want to know how to make your own maps, you are at the right place to do so! I am LucasSK (creator of [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION]) and I am mapping Tiberian Sun for over than a year and a half now.  When I was learning how to do stuff and making my first projects, I encountered many problems with too little answers, so I thought it would be great idea to share my skills, knowledge and summarize FinalSun here. And now, without further ado, lets get into it!

NOTE: This tutorial is made based on Temperate Theater of the map (not Snow).

(Download FinalSun herehttps://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6720-final-sun-complete-fixed/)

1.png.317dbfdbef57fd9ed7deb1d0829ead76.png("left-side" layout)

Ground - Select ground type you want to use (or use clear for default ground). Everything except water will not affect accessibility. GROUND

Change owner - Change object's owning house to any you have in your map. This doesn't apply for Ground however. OTHER

Infantry - Choose any Infantry, that is available in-game (including Civilians and Mutants infantry). OBJECT

Vehicles - Choose any Vehicle, that is available in-game (including Civilian, Cabal and Mutant vehicles). OBJECT

Aircraft - Choose any Aircraft, that is available in-game (including Orca Transport). OBJECT

Buildings - Choose any Building, that is available in-game (including Light Posts, Civilian structures and Crashes). Different buildings require different number of fields, so make sure there is no other object blocking those fields. OBJECT

Terrain objects - Allows you to place Trees, Fonas and Tiberium trees in your map, or use Paint random trees to paint them randomly from the ones you choose. OBJECT

 2.png.189c44ce0cd0dbae9143a1e76743963e.png(Paint random trees - Select Trees you want to use by moving them from Available to Used by Arrow, then press OK and place them in map)

Smudges -  Place Craters and Burned remains on the ground. OBJECT

Special / Overlay - Here you can paint Tiberium, Veins, Bridges, Walls and Erase it. OVERLAY

Waypoints - Create Waypoints (used in Triggers and Scripts). 5.png.109ba0481e55f3aafc63659737391435.png OTHER

Celltags - Create Celltags (used in Triggers). 3.png.49b9245dc34a1af6ed778dfef087ea06.png OTHER

Base nodes - Lets you create Building "layout" for AI bases = where should AI build / replace which building. Attach this to an existing Building. OTHER

Tunnels - Lets you create and delete Tunnel paths underground from one Tunnel entry to an another. OTHER

Player locations - Set player(s) starting point and delete it (represented through Waypoints). OTHER

6.thumb.png.35435b3241dcb3de0b041903d90a7936.png("lower" layout)

Special & Overlay - This contains all Overlays you can use. Unless you are pro-mapper, I suggest you ignore everything in this category (as it is included in Special / Overlay), except Rocks, Walls and Goodie Crate. OVERLAY

Terrain / Ground - This contains some additional items you can manipulate with. Lets analyse them. GROUND

0000 (Clear) - Clears ground (similar to the Clear in Ground section). 

0009 (Ice Ramps) - Lets you manually create inequalities on terrain or elevations to higher "Height levels"

0010 (Cliff Set) - Lets you manually create Cliffs (+4 "Height levels" above ground).            

X.png.2b6c625c4501eb80bb3f0f13663010ca.png(Tiberian Sun has 15 "Height levels")

0012 (Shore Pieces) - Lets you manually create Shores

0013 (Rough LAT Tile) - Rough ground type (similar to the Ground 2 in Ground section) 

0015 (Cliff/Water Pieces) - Lets you manually create Cliffs with water around them (+4 "Height levels" above ground). 

0016 (Bendy Dirt Roads) - Twists and connectors for dirt roads. 

0017 (Dirt Road Junctions) - Dirt road junctions.                                      

xx.png.de0db3d0dd5b7d1aa5150838c76d003d.png(Straight road connected to leaning road using connector from Bendy Dirt Roads selection)

0018 (Straight Dirt Roads) - Straight and leaning dirt roads.

0019 (Bridges) - Attach this to Cliff. Ends for Big bridges (paint bridges from one end to an another using Bridges section from Special & Overlay).  (+4 "Height levels" above ground). 

0020 (Paved Roads) - Paved roads and nearly everything you need to build them. 

0021 (Water) - Water ground type (similar to the Water in Ground section). 

0023 (Dirt Road Slopes) - Elevation for dirt roads (lets you lead dirt roads to higher "Height levels"). 

0025 (Slope Set Pieces) - Attach this to Cliff. Lets you create way to get up the Cliff.

0030 (Waterfalls) - Attach this to Cliff. Lets you create Waterfalls in certain direction. 

0033 (Sand)Sand ground type (similar to the Ground 1 in Ground section).

0035 (Rough Ground) - Lets you create "2D" rough ground. 

0036 (Paved Road Ends) - Endings for Paved Roads

0037 (Train Bridges) - Attach this to Cliff. Ends for Big track bridges (paint bridges from one end to an another using Bridges section from Special & Overlay).  (+4 "Height levels" above ground). 

0038 (Pavement) - Lets you create pavement ground + parking lots (great for cities). 

0040 (Paved Road Bits) - Some details you can add to the middle of Paved Roads

0041 (Green)Green ground type (similar to the Ground 3 in Ground section).

0043 (Ramp Edge Fixup) - Lets you create elevations to higher "Height levels"

0045 (Water Slopes) - Elevation for water (lets you lead water to higher "Height levels"). 

0046 (Pavement (Use for LAT)) - Pavement ground type (similar to the Pavement in Ground section).

0047 (Paved Road Slopes) - Elevation for paved roads (lets you lead paved roads to higher "Height levels"). 

0048 (Monorail Slopes) - Elevation for rails (lets you lead rails to higher "Height levels").

0049 (Waterfalls B) - Attach this to Cliff. Lets you create Waterfalls in certain direction.

0050 (Waterfalls C) - Attach this to Cliff. Lets you create Waterfalls in certain direction. 

0051 (Waterfalls D) - Attach this to Cliff. Lets you create Waterfalls in certain direction. 

0053 (Tunnel Floor) - Creates Tunnel ending with Paved roads.

0054 (Tunnel Side) - Creates "side" for Tunnel endings.

0055 (Track Tunnel Floor) - Creates Tunnel ending with Paved roads and Tracks.

0056 (Destroyable Cliffs) - Cliff that can be destroyed and used as entrance. 

0057 (Water Caves) - Cliff with water caves in it. 

0070 (Scrin Wreckage)Scrin wreckage textures (WARNING: HUGE). 

0072 (Dirt Track Tunnel Floor) - Creates Tunnel ending with Tracks

0073 (Dirt Tunnel Floor) - Creates Tunnel ending. 

0074 (Crystal LAT Tile)Crystal LAT ground type (representing Green Tiberium

0076 (Swampy)Swampy ground type (usable on Water

0078 (Blue Mold)Blue mold LAT ground type (representing Blue Tiberium

0080 (Crystal Cliff) - Cliff with Crystal LAT on it (+4 "Height levels" above ground).

0081 (Kodiak Crash) - Kodiak crash textures (WARNING: HUGE). 

NOTE: Some numbers may differ from the ones you will work with.

Now, I would split these objects into 3 categories: Objects, Overlay, Ground, Other, so you can understand their features.

Object - Characteristic / Description: They can be blocked by other Objects, aren't Overlay & Special and most of them are "3D" such as Vehicles, Infantry, Buildings, Trees, etc. Some of them are selectable by double-left-clicking on them and they are draggable by left-click-and-hold. Can be deleted by using Delete objects.

Overlay - Characteristic / Description: Everything in Overlay & Special, can't be selected, often has weird field position (overlapping or near the edge of one field (not centered)). Can be deleted using Erase overlay.

Ground - Characteristic / Description: Mostly "2D" items on the ground, on which you can place other Objects or Overlays + Water, Firestorm Defence. Can be deleted using Clear.

Other - Characteristic / Description: Items you can't see in-game such as Waypoints, Celltags, etc. OTHER


Vehicles, Aircraft, Infantry and Buildings have their "options" when you double-click on them. They are pretty much self-explanatory.

1.png.c12ec2801a826f1b2526fd0eff8ae25d.png("upper" selection)

File - Interface with map file(s) (save, open, create your maps through here)

Edit - This is heart of triggers and programmed actions, that happen throughout map. I will talk about them in a while.

Terrain - Tools, that help you manipulate with terrain (same as 9 images / symbols below)

Map tools - Few useful, but dangerous Map tools.

SunEdit 2k - Link to SunEdit 2k (I personally do not recommend this tool).

Online - Links to a few (not) important websites.

Options - Change some settings to personalize FinalSun and turn on / off some mapping tools.

Help - Tips & Tricks related to mapping.

Brush size - Change amount of affected tiles by your "brush" (works for OVERLAY and GROUND category).

Other images / symbols are pretty much self-explanatory, when you aim cursor at them.

et.png.b276ba39bcadcf0bdd57f94afc2ced99.png("Edit" options)

Undo - Undoes your last action. (works for OVERLAY and GROUND category).

Redo - Redoes your last action. (works for OVERLAY and GROUND category).

Copy - Copies part of map, which you select.

Copy whole map - Copies whole map.

Paste - Pastes selection.

Paste centered - Pastes selection in the middle of your map.

Map - Edit basic map properties.

Basic - Edit basic map settings.

Special flags - Edit more map settings.

Lighting - Change light in the map. You can make darker maps or lighter maps.

Singleplayer settings - Edit these only and only if making Singleplayer map, but they still lack purpose.

Houses - Create and edit Houses (sides) for your map.

Local variables - 1 or 0 "switch". Used in Triggers and Scripts.

Trigger editor - Tells AI when to execute what kind of action.

Tag editor - Tags for Triggers. In most cases, you shouldn't edit these.

Scripts - Tells AI what to do with Taskforce.

Taskforces - Groups of certain units, that AI would build in order to create "strikeforce".

Teams - Merges Scripts and Taskforces together and defines some more of their options.

AI Triggers - Too complicated even for me 😕 

AI Trigger enabling - Too complicated even for me 😕 

INI editing - Edit map's .ini file directly.

Basically: Scripts tells AI WHAT to do, Taskforces tells AI WITH WHOM to do it, Teams MERGE them together and Triggers tells AI WHEN / UNDER WHICH CIRCUMSTANCES to do it.

If you want to learn more about Triggers, Taskforces, Teams, Scripts,... feel free to check this tutorial: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/1642-how-to-make-or-edit-an-ais-behavior-in-tiberian-sun-and-in-red-alert-2/ or https://www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Maps/Section:_Actions or contact me through Reply, Private Message or Discord (LucasSK#4124). Also, be sure to check my YouTube Mapping Tutorialshttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjjwlzyJni7VrKTFltZ03e-4imT-_xwlD, where I will go through specific mapping situations (How to do certain thing,...).



(NOTE: I will update these occasionally , so feel free to send me yours)

- read Manual by pressing F1 while in FinalSun or Tips (Help -> Tip of the day)!

- while making map, play it once in a while to check if everything is working!

- turn off Beginner mode (Options -> Beginner mode) to access all features of FinalSun.

- make terrain as interesting as you can by putting multiple decorations there!

- make sure things aren't overlapping!

- test your map occasionally while making it!

- FinalSun has many bugs, be patient and calm :)!

- there are many mapping tutorials available online. Just choose one! https://ppmforums.com/index.php?f=892 or https://forums.cncnet.org/forum/13-mapping-tutorials/ or https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/8683-tsra2-map-tutorial-triggers-taskforces-teams-and-scripts/.

After reading this, you should have pretty good idea of what is mapping in FinalSun. If you have any other questions, need help with anything, something's missing here, found incorrect statement or something incorrectly explained here, please let me know through Reply, Private Message or Discord (LucasSK#4124). This is my 1st tutorial, so feel free to review it and ask further questions about mapping here😉. At last, I recommend you checking my recent addon which I am still working on - [TIBERIUM RESURRECTION] - https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9186-wip-tiberium-resurrection/ and YouTube channel, where I am starting Mapping Tutorials series - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjjwlzyJni7VrKTFltZ03e-4imT-_xwlD, where I will go through specific mapping situations (How to do certain thing,...).

Have a good day.


Edited by LucasSK
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Posted (edited)

This tutorial was updated to version 2.0. Now, this tutorial includes full explanation of FinalSun, few more links, few more tips and correction of grammatical (and other) errors. I hope you will enjoy it.


Edited by LucasSK

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