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Final Sun Complete & fixed


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THIS MESSAGE CONTAINS TWO VERSIONS, READ THOROUGHLY! & Dont worry about the rest of the topic underneath the green image


FinalSun Standalone - Install & Go

For your convenience a finalsun that works/opens right away after installing
I've used the Patched version of FinalSun compiled by E1Elite https://ppmforums.com/post-584941/finalsun-101-patches/
( FS_TSClient_20200403)

DOWNLOAD FinalSun Standalone - Install & Go HERE:
15 MB (because of the mix files it needs)

I've gathered all the files that FinalSun needs to fully operate, created a batch file that will set the path of game.exe inside finalsun.ini. Then Created an exe extraction pack with WinZip that opens the batch file after extraction, so there is no hassle of setting the game.exe or the missing tibsun.mix file error that everyone loves so much. And it also sets a desktop shortcut



A version of finalsun that can toggle on/off the public MODS that are uploaded on CnCnet

I also created a little menu that brings together all utilities I like to use during making a map.
It is not very special. Its just a shortcut menu to some Community Tools, some lightweight free portable software, and some tabs to explore more mapping options but can come in quite handy.
This Installation also sets a shortcut of the menu to your desktop.

DOWNLOAD FinalSun Standalone CnCnet mods and ToolKit:
123 MB (from all the utilities and mods)

NOTE: Please keep in mind to use the little portable tools at own risk. 
Make sure to understand the small Macro recorder before using it.
Their Icon appear in the bottom right system tray, so thats where u can close them if you need to.
For the Grid utility, it starts in protractor and you can change this to a very handy grid that might make it easier on working symmetrical
These tools are free and known as save, ripped off the internet and personally scanned with Avast, harmless imo but its still at own risk.

+Note: Your virusscanner might fail the first installation attempt.



posted image


Oh and here the files for if u just wanna update/fix a vanilla final sun. THE REST OF THIS TOPIC IS OUTDATED! Don't worry so much about the rest of this topic.

Final sun files 8-12-2018.zip



Final Sun Updates

- Fixed Paint random trees

- Fixed missing trigger numbers

- Fixed Text triggers (Under [Actions], "11,4,1" should be "11,0,1")

- Added Text triggers Tutorial & Auto-ally tutorial

- Added Marble Mode

- Beginners Mode already Disabled

- Added all Spawn Locations

- Free Radar enabled



MapNameLinker (by ptapiok)

A new tool by Ptapiok which allows you to see the real map names instead of the file names.

Just Open up your map folder and Put it on alphabetic order by Pressing the 'Map Name' Tab.

CnCnet gives all map file names horrible names, so thanks Ptapiok for this amazing time saver!


TSWaveMaker (by ptapiok)

Another GIANT time saver for if you're into AI mission,compstomp or tower defensive map making.

You can organise and clone your teams & scripts, you can multiple select everything and give it ascending orders,

plus there are some fixes and better explanations. Make a MASSIVE AI map in Just a FEW Minuts!

Read about TSWaveMaker on https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=531511



Do not allow this software to make changes to your map! Instead, just use it to look up the codes u need. All the codes you need are organised and easy to change, copy and paste into your map!

(Install TibEd yourself)


SunEdit 2k

If you install this, you can open it in final sun, make easy changes to your units, and save it back into your map!

it needs a serial after 1 month, but the maker gave us a keygen, which is included.


TS & RA2 Tunnel Drawer v1.02

Create a Tunnel in Final Sun, then use this flash file to fix the code, tutorial:





NOTE: Please check out all the tutorials on ppmsite.com and cncnet.com forum, also use the manual in final sun.



Utilities + Fixed Files to replace/add in finalsun folder:


mirror 1 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6M2MyqeyRCzRjBKRWxVVTFPc2s/view?usp=sharing

mirror 2 http://www.filedropper.com/fixutilities


All files + Final Sun itself:


mirror 1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6M2MyqeyRCzeWVkUGlXMFlUS1E

mirror 2 https://ufile.io/0653a




Replacable files mapnamelinker and tutorial.zip

Edited by Holland
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On 4/13/2017 at 2:54 PM, Humble said:

Great work Holland!


Any hope of fixing the 'paint random cliffs' feature, or fixing the glitchy water drawing?

paint random cliffs, hmm... do you mean Paint random trees? that one is fixed.

The water can be ugly indeed, but there's nothing wrong with it. It is just the graphics of the game. The water got to be made with very square corners, just look at standard maps, the water is very rectangly :P

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I didnt update the frist message, so just download the attachment on this message for just the latest final sun files. Drag files into TiberianSun_Online\FinalSun    drag the ecache files and temperat.ini into the tiberiansun_online folder, so finalsun can read the files!


  • Terrain/ground: Crystal, mold and swamp now buildable; concrete cliffs; Pavement LAT, more road fixes, concrete slopes and stairs
  • new Trigger actions:  Disable+enable short game, and giving credits.

remember, you can use spawn locations now as trigger owner, and all events and actions!

also kept the marble mode in this pack (for cliffs), paint random trees and text trigger fix.

Final sun files 8-12-2018.zip

Edited by Holland
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18 minutes ago, FReQuEnZy said:

@Holland How did you make these edits? Is it possible to edit Final Alert the same way?

I didn't really edit anything, i just collected all the stuff from other people that fixed things, and put them all together. I can't hex edit or anything. I hope someone would make repairs for final alert, that would be great cuz ra2 just got so much more triggers and special stuff. I never looked into it either cuz even final sun has its own set of problems.. and i'm finally aware of all the little glitches which took eons of testing, crashing and frustration. I don't like ra2 as much as TS, so i don't think i'll get into it. I guess i'm waiting for openra's TS to finish lol. Im sorry man

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On 4/10/2019 at 1:09 PM, Rumor said:

I want to know how can I make map auto ally before start in multiplayer game tubarian sun ?

Open up your map file with notepad or any other text editor

Add this somewhere in the file: 

Description=East vs West


Name=your map name - auto ally




Make sure you copy paste the stuff under [Basic] under the [Basic] thats already in your map file.


You can also download TSWaveMaker, it has an autoally function to add in your map

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Alright i digged deep into batch file coding and made a version that Installs and launches finalsun without any trouble, and also made a version that includes the public mods uploaded on cncnet plus a handy toolkit with all kinds of utilities check first message again!

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