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    • I think what your saying is that it gets ‘progressively harder’, yeah that’s how games are written mission 1 easy mission 7 hard.  course you could always stick Tanya in a Nighthawk and move it out of the way. The whole idea of the campaign is it shouldn’t be done in a day. It took me eight months to write and when I wrote it, it was for one person’s amusement, ‘Me’. Whoever downloads it is simply a beneficiary. I put it out there just for that, it’s free. I don’t ask for anything. Im sorry you have so many issues with it.
    • After getting advice from a friend who plays better than I, I finally beat mission 5. I managed to slog through mission 6, so I've finally reached the finale. I honestly detest you for making Tanya a critical unit for the mission. I HATE it so much. I have to deal with so much shit happening and I have to babysit her all the time. Even when I move her to the other island where the outpost I had to destroy at first was, THE AI SENDS KIROVS TO KILL HER????? What the hell, man... Just make her a regular commando and NOT MAKE HER CRITICAL TO THE MISSION, IT SUCKS. EDIT: I figured I'd retry the campaign and maybe it won't be as bad. I thought after M5 it might be a little better. But nope. The longer I continue, the faster I lose my mind. M7's more impossible than M5. I give up.
    • Am I annoying yet? I'm at the 8th Soviet mission now so I've seen various kinds of missions already, I am concerned that the ai might not be behaving properly in my game. It's the big land air & sea base building battles I'm most worried about, I play on normal and as far as I know the difficult only really affects individual unit strength. In mission 8 (Elba Island) your base is under attack at the start and then the enemies run away, this seems normal. 1. I start bulding my base, no enemies attack for a long time, eventually civvies pop smoke on 2 places on the island but nothing else ever seems to happen. 2. Some attacks happen while building the base but eventually only infantry attacks and some groups just get "stuck" somewhere on the map. 3. Enemy vehicles only attacked like once, they usually just stay somewhere on the map just like infantry 4. Ships do the same, only when I sped up time to the max did they attack once after a long time. 5. The enemy base does not repair or rebuild destroyed structures, instead all of the cash seems to go to ever piling unit production. When I sell all my buildings they appear to atleast attack again normally. All of these things have (not) been happening over a period of time in which I could have completed the mission a dozen times, meaning that I intentionally did very little to test it out. Most of these things apply to other maps as well. All of these things combined make the game very easy (so far), way easier then TDm so that's why I think something is wrong. Could it be related to decades newer hardware and firmware? I downloaded the game and it's expansions from this website by the way. I guess that my main question is; is this normal or is something wrong with my game?
    • Eh. You can learn that. I learned a whole lot just messing with the editor and opening the existing maps. Well, it's fairly new. So far, it does not support classic graphics, so you need the Remaster to use it https://github.com/Nyerguds/CnCTDRAMapEditor/releases I'll get around to making it read RA's mix files... eventually.
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