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  1. EA - C&C Remastered

    1. Announcements

      The latest around the C&C Remastered Announcements from EA, along with important topics from us around the Remasters.

    2. Questions

      EA wants to hear from you on a Remastered C&C. This forum is designed to allow you to give your own personal view to some of the questions being asked by EA, and that set by the community. 

    3. Suggestions

      Following the C&C Remaster announcements, post your suggestions for the C&C Remasters.

  2. Important forums

    1. Forum rules

      in here are the forum rules. Read them!

  3. The Repair Bay

    1. Support

      Game & Client Support

      If you have an issue with CnCNet, installing or running a C&C game or any problems related, you are free to open a topic in this forum.

    2. Tunnel Servers

      Everything and anything related to Tunnel Servers on CnCNet.

      • Find help on setting up your own. 
      • Let us know about a tunnel not responding
  4. The Communication Center

    1. CnCNet News

      Never miss an update, all news related to CnCNet you can find here.

    2. In the Community

      Have some news, videos or images you would like to share? It could be anything, a meme, gif, video...

  5. The C&C Games

    1. C&C 1

      Command & Conquer 1 (Tiberian Dawn)

      The game that started it all.

    2. Red Alert

      Red Alert / Counterstrike / Aftermath

      C&C breaks time and introduces Tesla Coils, Tanya and time travel.

    3. Sole Survivor

      This forum is for discussion of the game where you control one unit and use your micro skills to defeat other players. Sole Survivor -> DoTA before DoTA was a thing.

    4. Dune 2000

      The noble Atreides, the insidious Ordos and the evil Harkonnen. Only one house will prevail.... This forum is for the discussion of Intelligent Games' C&C inspired recreation of Westwood Studios' Dune 2.

    5. Tiberian Sun

      Tiberian Sun / Firestorm

      Discuss the sequel to C&C1 that introduces more lasers, railguns and even big stompy mechs!

    6. Red Alert 2

      Red Alert 2 / Yuri's Revenge

      Mind controlled squids, attack dolphins, weather control devices..discuss Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge in here

    7. Renegade

      Command & Conquer: Renegade

      C&C goes up close and personal.

    8. Newer C&C games

      Discuss everything from Generals to whatever EA is doing

  6. The Power Plant

    1. General Discussion

      This is the infamous "General Discussion" forum. This is where you are able to discuss topics not covered in the other forums.

    2. CnCNet Discussion

      Discuss CnCNet itself in here
    3. CnCNet Ladder

      All CnCNet ladder discussion
    4. Mapping Discussion

      This is the main forum for map discussion.
    5. Modding Discussion

      Bring in the .ini files and lets mod!
    6. The Tech Center

      This forum is for research and programming.
  7. Hosted Projects

    1. Tiberian Dawn Redux

      Remember the original Command & Conquer? Remember all the units, characters and themes from the game? Remember the gritty feeling of RTS Warfare? Remember Tiberium? Well, that classic game from the early 90's that spawned over a dozen titles and revolutionized the RTS Gaming World has been reincarnated in the advanced 3D World of the C&C Generals Zero Hour SAGE 3D Game engine!
      [Moddb site]

    2. Archived

      In here rests projects that used to be hosted here or are not being worked on

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    • If someone better at math can show a 1 to 2 game or other than 100 pt diff I welcome it. Limit whatever you want but honestly it does not matter. 
    • Well like you said its random, and the higher ranked player could be thinking, im tired of playing this guy, i want to play a different guy, lets make a new log and we hit other players in same level with 0 points. But if there is no one else online, then he will hit the same player.  People assume its to punish the "rank10 "player but its to hit someone else for a change. The issue is there is to less players. Limit the logs to 2-3 nicks then you need to do a reset and delete all existing logs so people can choice what they like.  
    • Smurf names are ok, but switching your name when a certain player comes online is ladder manipulation obviously.    Imagine Rank1 with 1000 points plays against rank 10 with 500 points. Rank1 gets 40 points for a win due to the difference in rating, Rank10 gets 80 points for beating a much better player. If they play a series and end up with 10:5 score then both end up still being the same ranks (each won and lost 400 points), the ladder points were awarded properly based on skill and each player has the correct rank.   Now if Rank1 is switching to a lower points nickname then the points will be awarded differently, a 10:5 series would have stolen a lot points from the Rank10 player and he would be Rank20 now. The points are not awarded properly if people abuse throw-away nicknames to manipulate the ladder.     This is not a new problem, the yuri's revenge players are doing the same and continuously blame each other for it.    We probably have to limit the nicknames each player can use per month to 2 or 3. This way everyone can still play undercover with his smurf nicks, but it's more difficult to manipulate the ladder.
    • But it isn't manipulation. He is following the guidelines.  Do you play other games ?  For any major competitive video game especially real time strategy games there has always been smurfing. Its it's own strategy and people try new builds or don't risk a cheat or disconnect. As I stated it doesn't effect either of your points much. If you barely play and the points are essentially the same why does it matter . If he beat you 17 to 8 on his main log be same . Just to clarify what would you like, one log in on the ladder? that's ridiculous
  • Recent Status Updates

    • OnePostPony  »  AchromicWhite

      Hi White,
      i am Mike Pence, i know, i am banned.
      Only one question: What can i do to get unmuted after 1 year and 1 month? Chem said even harder things and that for a much longer period of time. I am ready to make peace with Ferret. I will stop commenting his videos on Youtube, and so on.
      · 1 reply
    • Kirsti_aka_The_CruSTman

      hello people, I'm brand new here ... my englich is not good that's why I do that on the google translated .. so I ask for understanding if errors occur .. I have now made the whole thing on my computer fix and everything works fine .. there is only one thing in contrast to the past .. I do not know if it has noticed some schonmal but if I have created my cards in the combat mode earlier, and always pressed on preview, are the tibirium fields in the map getting bigger and bigger. that does not work anymore .. I have to mention this is the same cd from the game, where that always worked .. can somehow somebody tell me if I have the opportunity to do something in this regard? I would be very grateful for help ... greetings
      · 0 replies
    • Ismael100  »  XXxPrePxX

      Prep! What's up my friend, long time. Onion97 here. Just joined this forum and wanted to say I'm really glad to see you're alive and well and still playing !! Cheers
      · 1 reply
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