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An explination and update (pictures comming soon)


First of i would like to appoligise for the lack of any thing

status of mod
Work has Restarted

we have a new member of the modding team Cat-a-strobe-ic Dj who you may have seen around Tiberium Web
He will be making vxl for this mod and has already started and finnished one or two

The current internal version is going to be ripped to shreads over the comming months,
ALL shps currently incompleat are going to be finnished.
The INI files are all going to be redone to remove errors, problems and make things easyer to find
BoB is now going to be re-built on top of Revos patch*
With as much of the shp work compleated as possible i can focus of codding and balancing the units and buildings

*Revos patch is now the base for my larger projects and will include a terrain expansion patch, it is a mod and small lang.dll edit which fixes graphical bugs, fixes maps, updates some ingame menus. I may allow people to use this when it is more compleat and Depending on how much work is needed the terrain expansion may never be included in TS:BoB

Please dont comment on spelling i am posting this in a hurry as i have lots of course work i have to get threw currently  :)

Don't pretty much all browsers nowadays have inbuilt spell checkers though? :P

Here I am and I hope to be posting more In the coming months.

Edit: I've done more than one or two!


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