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  1. Heh-heh sure White Always fun to come up with fun ideas for maps Of course I was asking for people who'd be up for making maps my mod in a round about way, haha. Sneaky. Probably a contest or something.
  2. Just so people are aware I've had a month stall on this project due to crazy overtime nonsense at work. Think like 60-80 hour weeks. I'll get back on C&C when I am physically able to do so. O_o
  3. Always cool to see new people and new stuff :laugh: Welcome.
  4. I admit to only a basic working knowledge of AI. I'm still struggling to get my map of Japan to function properly (although that's mainly at fighting to get autocreate working at this point, it has a mind of its own as to what teamtypes it'll build) Attack Base and the like seem to be better than hunt, but sometimes when I set units to attack base or units at the end of a waypoint chain they just stay at the waypoint anyway :| Eventually it gets too clogged which is why I have to use all to hunt triggers to keep the area clear, but even then there's minigunners left standing around. *shrugs*
  5. Haha yeah it's very easy to get pipe dreams when modding XD
  6. Err the original discs? I suppose there'd be a download somewhere though as it's freeware...
  7. Haha I managed to live long enough to build some SCUDs, and yeah, they are pretty solid You'll be proud of me though, I still used a Forward Command to put pillboxes on hills (think "turret cliff" setup) that were overwatching an AI base, haha. Is there no way to replace construction yards that are destroyed?
  8. So I played this tonight! The whole Headquarters/Forward Command thing interesting. Definitely stops expansion, although I might argue that it is a bit too strict--I couldn't place pillboxes next to my oil refineries without having a forward command, as soon as I managed to get one down in come those little tiny things that shoot 6 rockets at a time, haha~ Oil tankers are really frail! They die pretty fast. I really enjoyed LMG troops, almost makes me want to rename my SEALs into LMG guys, haha (although I won't, it's cool ) Also heh @ Engineers not being able to do anything. I suppose that's an RA thing though--although they worked for AI? I don't understand, I play C&C XD Still, was amusing. Definitely a LOT more paper/scissors/rock than RA seems to be, and a lot more reliance on troops for defence than my game.
  9. And this is why we love you haha Your documentation in general is amazing. For every question I ask you on here there's 100 you've answered in your docs for me.
  10. Thanks White I will go with your suggestion for their Conyard too
  11. If it's anything like C&C, I would guess that it's just move, unload, then normal actions. I might suggest extracting an original map out of RA and seeing how they do it
  12. My secret plan is to make a version of my mod that contains only 1 map of each team (so people can see how they play and what they have) and only desert and temperate theatres--this version I would send to people who would be taking part in the contest Just don't tell anyone. Secret plans and all that.
  13. Gotta admit, the Attacque Supérior Yuri buildings look cool.
  14. Haha yep. People learnt a lot here. I did draw a SW pic as well, but the Nyerguds goodness keep on going strong. Every time I watch the movies I'm all "Don't everybody thank me at once" and "That doesn't sound too hard"
  15. Is it hard to set up? I should have a go of it at some point; just to be fair as you tried mine! :laugh:
  16. Ditto. It's impressive though, I'll keep it in mind if I make any new terrain palettes.
  17. That's cool I'm currently working on a map based on southwestern Japan. AI triggers get a bit crazy with multiple islands XD Edit: Hey, managed to make XCC Editor load my mod
  18. Haha well thank you for such a nice rap man. XD I'm actually open to suggestions a bit on how I run it. I basically have to release my mod without the missions just so people can work with the thing, haha!
  19. Heh I know what you mean. At this point my mod is going to be a stand-alone install of C&C as well as it's replacing a good chunk of the original game.
  20. Love those screenshots though. You've done very well with your mod there Allen.
  21. No worries It's all about making fun different experiences anyway!
  22. I remember that too. But I seem to be remembering a cameo that doesn't exist too...
  23. Yeah that's true. It's why I'm not going overboard on it myself, only on a few specific buildings.
  24. Yeah I know. XD A guy can dream right? Nicely spotted with the video though! I wonder why they changed their mind on the design.
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