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  1. Thank you Grant. Can you please add http://twitch.tv/vLtaLity - Its Edd. I've told him so many times, to post his stream link here. But never did! So please
  2. So do you guys want a clan ladder on CnCnet? Hmm seems poll won't work -_-
  3. Hello Grant, can you please readd me to the list? Im only streaming and supporting cncnet thanks twitch.tv/cncsteffster
  4. That's a shame for all oldschool C&C fans. WTF EA! Stop this BS !
  5. Steffen


    I can't believe this! I've had so many conversations with Jason on skype. He did always help me. No matter what it was... That's really not fair. It hurts me very much. We had so many funny things to talk about... Woaw that's so hard! RIP Jason! ❤️
  6. when will the games between marsh,kinky vs matt/max start? Did i already miss it? if so is there other streamer?
  7. Thanks Marsh. I'm there now for the next 5 hours. On Sunday im at home all day long. You can message me on Skype if you still got me.
  8. I would like to stream it. Hope its on weekend.
  9. I would like to stream Matt, Max vs Kinky, Marsh
  10. Can some 1 stream? If so pls link. hf gl all
  11. what's the different about Masters Leagues 1v1 & Contenders League 1v1 ?
  12. @Neo Can you add my stream on CnCnet again please?
  13. Hey guys. I want to stream CnCnet QM... Pleae add me again! Thanks. http://twitch.tv/cncsteffster
  14. hey zain. im doing good, u? Thanks for the link. But where can I find a person like me? Didn't seen a search function.
  15. hey guys i've played 2 qms ... where can I find the ladder?
  16. A new video: Anylising a good 2v2 clan match on jungle of vietnam: https://youtu.be/r7tND_W-Vtw
  17. Martin :/ sup man? Woaw didn't seen you for a long time mate
  18. Hey peeps, i've made a C&C Ra2/YR video editing of some funny moments what happend in the past... https://youtu.be/oQH8e8kdBY8 I hope you do like it ; ) If so please give me a like on youtube. Thanks mates.
  19. Nawb won Mistermaster 4:1 then MisterMaster left and didn't come back. Link to stream: https://www.twitch.tv/cncsteffster/v/113629815 Begin: 44mins
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