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  1. Most likely the game saving / loading logic has been (accidentally) broken in CnCNet YR. You can't do anything to fix it yourself.
  2. It does support loading skirmish games and has always done, although it expects the saved games to be in a sub-directory ("Saved Games") like in DTA. I also don't know if the YR spawner can load saved games. But the client itself supports it, assuming the YR save game format isn't different from the TS save game format. The client even supports loading saved online games @Meat: How do you load the saved game? Do you first start a new skirmish, then go to the menu and load the game, or..?
  3. Those maps probably don't have a preview picture embedded in them, so the client can't display them. However, the YR client has the Map Renderer integrated into it that should, AFAIK, create high-resolution previews of all custom maps (including custom maps that have no embedded preview in them) eventually if you give it some time.
  4. Thanks - yeah a clan creation would go through a similar process I would imagine. You should contact dkeeton, IIRC he already did both of those quoted things.
  5. Something is keeping the client alive. Open task manager and terminate clientdx.exe.
  6. Rampastring

    Nick lenght

    In case of Yuri's Revenge, the game itself doesn't support player names longer than 12 characters. In DTA and TI my client has it limited to 16 chars.
  7. Project Perfect Mod https://ppmforums.com/ The biggest forum for classic C&C (TD, RA1, TS, RA2/YR) modding.
  8. Try the following: 1) Download and install XNA Framework 4.0 Refresh from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=27598 2) Go to your YR directory, then to the Resources\ sub-directory, and there start clientxna.exe. Does the client work then?
  9. Try installing https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=27598 and then in your Yuri's Revenge directory, run Resources\clientxna.exe instead of CnCNetYRLauncher.exe. Check if it works then.
  10. ModMode still exists (you can add ModMode=true to Resources\ClientDefinitions.ini's [settings] section), but it only disables the updater.
  11. There should be no technical limitation that would make mods incompatible with CnCNet YR. Make sure that you've applied the exact same modified files on all involved systems and it should work.
  12. At least the TS engine doesn't crash if the resolution is bigger than the map, so I wouldn't expect YR to crash either. However, at least vanilla TS crashes simply if the height of the resolution is larger than 1200 pixels, because the game doesn't allocate enough memory for the sidebar icons. With height over 1200 pixels the sidebar has too many icons, so it goes out of bounds and corrupts memory. YR could have the same issue.
  13. Have you checked that you can connect without the mod installed?
  14. For online players using my client, the top 5 countries are China, United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, and Germany.
  15. Glad to see the client in good use I'll also hijack this topic to announce that when the players of all games supported by my client (YR, DTA, TI, MO, TS) are combined, the client has had a staggering 75,000 unique users within the last 30 days. This excludes players that only play offline and have automatic update checks disabled, so the figure could actually be even higher. Sadly most of those 75,000 only play offline. Roughly 65% of YR client users play online (the other 35% stick to Skirmish only), but among DTA, TI, MO and TS players, online players are a fairly small minority.
  16. According to the client log you have no graphics device at all. Check that your graphics drivers are properly installed. Version 2.x didn't use hardware acceleration at all when rendering graphics, but version 3.x does and so it has higher requirements than 2.x.
  17. Rampastring


    It doesn't. The other CnCNet admins (not me) might be able to do something about it anyway, though.
  18. The YR client doesn't support P2P games.
  19. That's already included in the CnCNet client options. It's the DxWnd renderer in display settings. The only external tool that I've personally found for taking screenshots that works is Steam (launch the client / game through Steam as a non-Steam game). But generally I just stick to the game's own screenshot hotkey.
  20. Rampastring

    client issue?

    If it ever happens again, upload client.log to the topic. Also describe better; had you played previous games on the same session, how many and what kind of games, etc.
  21. Rampastring


    The old client used completely different technology for the UI.
  22. Rampastring


    It's technically difficult (read: so difficult that no one will bother to do it) to implement in the client because of the complex layout rules and right-to-left layout of Arabic. So it won't happen.
  23. Rampastring

    screw it

    You don't have a file called simply client.log? If the client hangs, it's what we need, not the crash logs.
  24. Rampastring

    screw it

    The CnCNet Yuri's Revenge client is built from the source code of DTA's CnCNet Client, which is why there's some references to DTA in the client files (and also in the client's title bar before it has initialized itself, which however normally happens so quickly that you don't notice it). As for the problem, upload Client\client.log to this topic.
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