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  1. The client supports launching and loading singleplayer missions, so it's up to the spawner developers and Grant.
  2. ClientCrashLog is actually correct. When the client crashes, it makes a copy of Client.log called ClientCrashLog_<timestamp>.txt and throws it into the Client\ErrorLogs\ directory.
  3. What is your current client version? If it's 2.xx, delete Resources\MapThumbnailExtractor.dll.
  4. From the log I don't yet know what causes it for you, but posting this here just as a reminder.
  5. Try downloading and installing this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=27598 And then run Resources\clientxna.exe instead of directly starting CnCNetYRLauncher.exe.
  6. It's possible in TS. I haven't tried it with YR though. At least in TS you can use additional colors without any issues. In spawn.ini, color indexes 0-7 are the regular multiplayer colors. After that, every non-even color index works properly (even color indexes show up through shroud for some reason). DTA and TI both have more than 8 pickable colors. Black, in addition to the other problems listed here, would also have the problem that its chat would be pretty hard to read however.
  7. Rampastring

    lan function?

    The CnCNet Client indeed supports LAN, for some reason Grant has disabled it in Yuri's Revenge though. Note that the LAN support is currently in "beta" state though, while I've written it I haven't really tested it myself aside from quickly starting one game, so if you enable it don't be surprised if you see issues.
  8. The client has no code that would shut down your PC. Check for malware, make sure your drivers are up to date and that your CPU / GPU aren't overheating.
  9. Thank you for reporting this, I've just fixed it. Grant will likely deliver the fix to all players with an update as soon as he's able to.
  10. On XP, try deleting the following files: <YR directory>\Resources\Yuri Theme\MainMenuTheme.xnb <YR directory>\Resources\Yuri Theme\MainMenuTheme.wma And see if it works then.
  11. We're a Top 100 mod for the third year in a row! http://www.moddb.com/groups/2016-mod-of-the-year-awards/top100#vote10865 Considering that ModDB has 28130 mods (at the time of writing this), it's a pretty nice achievement
  12. They were displayed normally, but loading them was very slow. As you said.. And that should be fixed in the latest client.
  13. I already made loading custom maps with embedded map previews several times faster yesterday, and also fixed the RAM consumption. I don't know if you've pushed that update yet though.
  14. Something strange is going on in this area... The MOTY voting is nearing its end, but there's still a day left: http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dawn-of-the-tiberium-age#motycountdown
  15. Look at the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Alert 2\Maps\Custom. How many custom maps do you have? Viewing the log I get the impression that the client isn't actually frozen, rather it's taking its time loading thousands of custom maps. Try moving the custom maps out or deleting them and see if the client starts up normally then.
  16. We released DTA 1.15 on September 23rd, and have since released multiple smaller patches, including bug fixes, more maps and lots of other improvements: http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dawn-of-the-tiberium-age/news/post-dta-115-progress-and-a-peek-at-a-few-things-to-come But Mod of the Year voting is here once again, so if you've enjoyed our updates this year, please drop us a vote at http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dawn-of-the-tiberium-age#motycountdown and help us get to the Top 100 for the third year in a row! Remember that you can vote for multiple mods, so you can vote for us even if you've already given a vote for another mod! Meanwhile we're working on more content, including a certain remade campaign and more original missions, one of them being previewed below.
  17. The new client requires .NET Framework 4.0 to run.
  18. RA2 is a 2000 game. But our client has been made in 2016. Windows XP can still run the latest client, but you need the latest updates. According to Microsoft, .NET Framework 4.0 needs XP SP 3, and the client uses .NET Framework 4.0, which means that on XP the client needs SP 3. And the Pentium III is just below the minimum requirements for XNA Framework, but maybe it still runs. Hard to say.
  19. Update your Windows XP to Service Pack 3. If that doesn't help, then I don't know what it could be. Maybe a Pentium III with the rest of the platform doesn't cut it anymore.
  20. Update your operating system to the latest Service Pack and also get Platform Update for Windows Vista.
  21. HyperThreading doesn't split single-core performance in half like that. Otherwise there'd be no benefit to HT, and Core i5s (that don't have HT) would be twice as fast in single-threaded tasks than HT-enabled Core i7s, while they're actually evenly matched with the same clock speed. And even if HT caused a performance drop, it wouldn't result in a crash. TS-DDRAW is a likely cause for the crash.
  22. Wuj Now I know where Twisted iNsuRRecTion's name came from.
  23. pchote's guess / analysis seems like a possible one.
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