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how fast do you go?


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This app tracks your APM in any application. it can give you an idea of how fast you make actions while playing a game of tiberian sun and keep track of your improvements. i am in no way affiliated with this app but i really would like to know what some pro players APM is in ts. if you are just average/new try it too and post your findings!

APM is a metric made most famous by starcraft/starcraft 2. It stands for actions per minute and its supposed to give an idea of how many things a player in able to do in various situations. Lemme know what yours is averagely in your games of TS! ill update when my average sorts itself out.

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1 hour ago, TRZ said:

I'm probably at like 50 apm.

There is another stat which cannot be effectively calculated unless a program specifically designed for the specific application exists. It's known as EPM (effective actions per minute) and it cuts out all the noise and erroneous clicks players do and only takes into account actions that have a dynamic impact on the players game. if all 50 of those actions per minute are effective actions, it doesn't matter if your overall apm is low tbh. it's just kind of a fun thing to look at (for me anyways).

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Not to bring this back on topic... ?


APM vs EPM is an interesting discussion. My APM is generally crap (under 200) but in an intense battle I can click like a pod of dolphins.


My question always is, is APM correlated with skill level? I've witnessed great players dominate with relatively low APM, yet those that 'spam' can often suck.

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goofed on apm count
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