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Tiberian Dawn - The Huge Collection (single player)


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Ok, I'll take a more thorough look starting this week until we get this defined - fixed or kept.

I have to warm up, but I'll be posting comments.


Assault Campaign

will be SCB98, so not released yet. But nothing is lost.

I've compared once and Assault A and Assault B are the same, but I will enable the files so you can take a look, meanwhile I go ahead.

Note in the Excel file, the orange cells mean all the things I have done to make the missions playable. So the updated BIN and INI files are not in the link above, just the originals.


Eagle Wounded

I'll change the BuildLevels.

The reason I haven't done by the time I published it, is because there are 2 faulty maps in the pack (EE and WA) that I wasn't able to edit, so I'll try editing one more time.

The maps are missing lake and shores, but XCC is not working for them. I can't open them.


Remnant missions

Will be edited and listed here along the weeks. They will probably be done before those above.

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Warning: I had to edit to include this note. One of my cloud services (Sugarsync) created new links, against my will or consent. So I'm updating things that are not available for you.

For the moment, download anything from any LINK1 in the cover, which is located at CLOUDME.

If you read this post again and this part is not here is because I have solved this. Also I'll post about this later.




All NOD BuildLevels appointed.

ZIP and MIX files and the Catalog Zip file in Link1 and Link2.

There are some few missions I haven't change the BL's, I explain later.

Gonna start the GDI side.

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Regarding Building Levels, they are finished, the majority of them, thanks to Lightning.

Missions from LKO and Kohlrus, I haven't made any change.

Those missions are too good to touch them, unless there are obvious mistakes, but that were covered long ago.


As soon I have news, I'll post more stuff


: ]

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The next 4 Nod campaigns planned for release involve 26 missions:

  • Amazon Assault(6)
  • WaffenKlau(7)
  • Operation England(4)
  • Assault Campaign(5)
  • D Day(4)

The briefings of "Waffenklau" and "Operation England" are in German language, so some assistance for translation is needed.

Anyone interested, check the text file. Don't forget to let us know to prevent 2 guys working on the same stuff.



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C&C for DOS

::: Link ::: ZIP file - 6.6 Mb :::

Hallo Commander!

You will NOT FIND these missions in the rest of the project, I have it only in Savegame format, playable in DOS.

It does not work in the current patch.



Missions sorted by NAME:

A - B  ::: Air Hunter, Always, Asylum, Battle of the North River, BattleField, Blood Creek, Blood Zero, Bridge Assault, Brutal Battle, Bush Fire

C - D  ::: C&Th (?), CnC City, Commander Grullef, Dark Zone, Death Squad, Death Wish, Deep Sky, Der Urlaub, Destroy, Die Olfelder, Die Verschanzung auf der Insel, Die Wasserstelle, DieHard, Dynamical War

Don Durie minipack - Lost at Sea + South of the Border + Surround

E - J ::: End is Near, Extremities, Factory Wall, Failure, Final Fight, Fire Fight, Frontal, FrontLine Remix, Gun Down, Insanity, Intimidation, Irony, Island Fortress, Island

K - M ::: Kampfbereit, Landing, Legend Lx, Lev3AE, Low Tech, LX-Oil, Massacre

N - R ::: Nate Ruddick - GDI Campaign, Nate Ruddick - Nod Campaign, No Surrender, NOD Copter, Nod Mud Clan, OnSlaught, Out of Time, Power ON, Power Run, Prisons Edge, PsychoTrope, Rebel HQ

S - W ::: SAM Destroy, Saved 1, Secret Ways, Seize, SportSter, StarMix, Strange World, Targe Biology, Target LX, Target One, Terror, The Swarm, TOFC, True Blood, Trust, Vicinity, Winter Mix




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The briefings of "Waffenklau" and "Operation England" are in German language, so some assistance for translation is needed.

Anyone interested, check the text file. Don't forget to let us know to prevent 2 guys working on the same stuff.


like we talked on Skype, i have completed the translations...

see attachment and/or http://pastebin.com/eWrwxcvP


i was a little bit unsure how to deal with the titles, so you better have a look at that.



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Ok, I accessed the translations, thanks. I'll read it tonight (here).

I know for sure I'll keep the original names  - Waffenklau and Operation England - the way it is.

And the missions will have/keep both briefings, once the current patch supports it now.

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Hello, I am new to the forums here, but have been a C&C fan since I was about 6. I downloaded the Catalog zip file today and played a mission, and the mission I played doesn't seem to have a Win Condition set. There is a briefing with an objective, but when you meet said objective, the game does not end. If I play other maps and find similar issues, do you want to know what maps that don't have things set up properly in them, or no? I know you have a lot on your plate with getting the missions together and working, so I was unsure if you wanted more to do.

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Hi, Thanks for the feedback.

I'm here to give support, whenever I can. The missions were numbered for many reasons, including traceability.

Just give me the code and I'll take a look.

This one and any other - I have a permanent TO DO list, so don't worry.

If you think you'd be revealing too much of a mission, you can complement with a personal message.


Also, I ask to play some of the recent missions in this same forum of our colleagues here.

We are always wanting some feedbacks and available for discussions.

Have a nice stay!

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::: Link1 ::: Link2 :::  Cover ::: << Previous ::: Next >>

Nod 900


SCB900EA - APC Antics by David Mayr

missions #1 and #2

SCG901EA - Surgical Strike & Clean Up by Lee "Troll" Dove

M-01: Surgical Strike    |    M-02: Clean Up

SCG902EA - Resurgence of Nod - by Steven "Shadow"

M-01: Resurgence of Nod    |     M-02: One Passage of Destruction

SCG903EA  - Terrorist War by Steven "Shadow"

M-01: Terrorist War    |    M-02: Rival Factions    |    M-03: In pursuit of Justice

SCG904EA - Return of the Brotherhood by Chris Peddecord

M-01: Revenge of the Brotherhood    |    M-02: Wrath Of Nod    |    M-03: Oil War

SCG905EA - The Chemical War by Nyerguds

 M-01: Comlink jammer    |    M-02: Visceroid Research     |     M-03: The Tiberium Power Plant

SCG906EA - Kane's Wife by Casey Slade

 Missions #1 and #2

SCG907EA - Ion Offensive by Tobias Janßen

M-01: Sandy Encounter    |    M-02: Path of Despair

SCG908EA - No title by Tobias Janßen

M-01: Reconnaissance    |    M-02: CounterStrike    |    M-03: The Final Strike

::: Link1 ::: Link2 ::: Cover ::: << Previous ::: Next >>

Edited by Chimas
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Nice.  :)



uhh... on "Waffenklau" you wrote "by Janssen von Tobias" -- it should say "by Tobias Janssen"



also, when i translated the briefings, i was under the impression that "Operation England" was also from the same guy. However, looking at the "Operation England" files, only one mentions a name, and it's "Chrishey Janßen" ...

may be a relative or a nickname? ("ß" is often written as "ss", when the former character is not available... and "Crishey" does not seem like a German first name at all...)

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Before goin' on, I am updating the lists with unreleased missions and campaigns.

Take a look at SCB90 and SCG90 packs in the cover to get what I'm talking about.


::: [iurl=http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=1786.msg8966#msg8966]Cover[/iurl] :::


Next lists to be updated are SCG900 and SCB900

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