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Can't Install Tiberian Sun on Pop! OS (Ubuntu / Linux) - Download Failed dotnetfx.exe




I installed cncnet_1.0_all.deb successfully however when it tries to run the initial setup/update it gives an error:

Download failed: Success.

In the window behind it seems that it is trying to download dotnetfx.exe and failing with the error "Cannot connect".

Subsequent attempts to launch cncnet give the following error:

0009:err:mscoree:CLRRuntimeInfo_GetRuntimeHost Wine Mono is not installed

However, if I run

rm -rf ~/.local/share/cncnet

then run cncnet it will open the cncnet window with the same "Download failed: Success." error while trying to download dotnetfx.exe

I am running Pop! OS 20.04 which is based on Ubuntu 20.04. Any help is appreciated.

Screenshot from 2020-08-02 10-37-30.png

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Not sure why this would happen, but you can try the following:


rm -rf ~/.local/share/cncnet


Now modify the "cncnet" bash script and change this:


To this:



Now run cncnet again.


You should be able to get to the launcher now, but i'm not sure if the downloads will fail in there as well or not

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2 hours ago, linuxuser said:

Having the same issue on Pop-os as well.

Can you please explain the second part of changing the bash script? I downloaded the .deb... where can I find the bash file?

It's in /usr/bin/cncnet after you install the .deb.

edit it with sudo nano /usr/bin/cncnet

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I can launch the game but when selecting the single player I get an unable to load the scenario with an ok box then it kicks back out to the GDI or NOD campaign selection screen.

Any chance there is another download alternative that I can point to?


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