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Triggers and teams


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Another day another question...


How many triggers and teams can be created in one map?


I created a map witch crashes whenever I want to start it... I can't find any mistake. Maybe there are simply to many triggers for the system? (More than 100)

Thanks for your help!

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These are the limits for cncnet (taken from spawn.xdp)

For singleplayer you'll have to check rules.ini


; ******* Object Heap Maximums *******
; These are the absolute maximum number of these object types
; allowed in the game (at any one time).
Players=8                ; ipx layer limits this to 8 maximum
Factory=32              ; 32 is minimum for 8 player game
Overlay=1               ; special case -- only needs one
Projectile=20           ; projectile types, not actual projectiles
Smudge=1                ; special case -- only needs one
Template=1              ; special case -- only needs one
Terrain=500             ; trees and rocks
TrigType=80             ; trigger types
Trigger=200             ; triggers themselves
Warhead=10              ; warhead types, not actual warheads
Weapon=55               ; weapon types, not actual weapons

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