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Adding Campaign Section to CnCNet Menu


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There should be campaign section in the menu. For campaign, exiting the client and opening the original game (ra2.exe or ra2md.exe) makes difficult. Therefore, the user should be able to enter the campaign mode directly from the cncnet client menu.

This feature should need following files in game directory (Original game cds contain these files) .They are cutscene files:

  • movies01.mix
  • movies02.mix
  • movmd03.mix

These files will be provided by the user. This way, only original game owners will be able to play the missions.

If user doesn't have these files, they should be copied to the game directory automatically by setup (firstly, setup will check these files) or manually by the user to play campaign mode. (browsing original game cd directory in both)

The way campaign mode works should work as in "red resurrection" or "mental omega" mods. There should be a list from which the missions can be selected. All RA2 and YR missions should be included.

I did a study on this and attached screenshots.



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