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cncnet client update problems (update error while downloading)



Posted (edited)

Hello, i cannot udate the client.. it always aborts while downloading and i get the error message:


Update failed

An error occured while updating. Returned error was: Too many retries for downloading Qt\sceneparsers\assimpsceneimport.dll

If you are connected to the internet and your firewall isn't blocking clientdx.exe, and the issue is reproducible, contact us at forums.cncnet.org/forums/11-support/ for support.


So, i tried several times, reinstalled game and client, nothing helped.. i also realized it took ages to update since the error (like 56k speed..), so the error stays and here i am reporting this problem.


best regards


[edit] update take 2 hrs for ~80% and now stuck, nothing happens.. so something really is faulty on the updateserver i think!?


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Posted (edited)

Similar issue here! The only difference  being:

An error occured while updating. Returned error was:  Cannot create a file when that file already exists. 

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