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Yuris revenge crashing



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Me too, except the message is in English, but I think the error message is the same: Could not load file or assembly MapThumbnailExtractor Version= Culture=neutral PublicKeyToken=null or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.


This started to happen after trying to update YR to the recent version, and that update failed midways. It said something about it couldn't update some file that existed, or similar.



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Update: I fixed it by reinstalling the the launcher. You don't need to uninstall. Just reinstall.

Also, every time the Out of Resources error pops up, just click OK and carry on with the installation. The error is meaningless.

Once you have launcher reinstalled, just configure and install the updates as prompted.

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I downloaded and installed the game for the first time tonight. I'm receiving this error when trying to run the CnCNet Installer. I've tried running the install at least five or six times as mentioned above, but I'm still getting the error. 

The last time that I played Red Alert was on Westwood servers, so I'm anxious to get back to spending hours camped in front of the game ignoring responsible adulthood. Any help is greatly appreciated!


yuri crash.jpg

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On 4/15/2022 at 10:28 AM, martir13 said:

My Yuri keeps crashing on start up. This is a fresh new install. Crash file attached

ClientCrashLog_2022_04_15_01_21.txt 2.16 kB · 2 downloads

The client on some machines struggles with large resolutions. Your log file suggests that it's trying to open at 4112x2572. 
Go to your installation directory and open the file `ra2md.ini`. In, there you should find to settings called ClientResolutionX and ClientResolutionY under the [Video] section. Change these values to something smaller for now just to get your client to launch. Once you can get it to launch, you should be able to select a more appropriate one in the client itself in the Options.

I would try simple 1080 resolution for now:

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