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The Command & Conquer Communications Center: 5 years and counting!


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Around this time in 2007 I started the Command & Conquer Communications Center. At the time it was yet another forum, yet another site. I could not imagine that this site would still exist 5 years later. Some people even told me back then that a site about the C&C classics would be largely ignored and that their way of focusing on Command & Conquer 3 was a better idea. Now their sites are gone, lost in the ranks of yet more failed sites.


This site has endured because it's rather unique, there are few "active" communities focusing on the C&C classics, there are few communities managing and promoting a simple online service allowing people to play their games without any giant bloated clients.


I'd like to thank everyone who stills keeps the classic C&C community running as of today: hifi, FunkyFr3sh, ehy, AlexB and Nyerguds, with an honorable mention to Myg due to past exploits!


Let's keep this ship running for another 5 years!


(on another note: I actually posted this topic on the right day this year :P)

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Classics Shall Never Die! C&C3 is a classic? Well... Sorry them. :P


I remember how small this community was back in 2009, when I joined it. I also remember how bad my english was that time. Beside the fact it still bad, now you can understeand what you're reading that comes from me.


Anyway... Happy birthday, CnC-Comm!


And the paper cake again :D



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Nice to see some people were forgotton Tore, Also the history page I see.


And you are? :P


The history page isn't up, just like the about page and others...


Yeeah, Tore, what happened to that old credits page? It used to be on the site, but got lost in redesign I think...


You mean this page? :P

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I made a birthday cake!


I made a similar one some years ago for a fanfiction writer on a supreme commander forum, that's where the words come from. I did this in just a couple of minutes, but I don't think that takes away any celebration, or tastefulness :P


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I love the feeling I get when I visit this site after a long time, though I should really be more frequent  XD. Man this site grew with me through college, and it's still better than ever! Sorry for the late wish but Happy Bday cnc-comm! Hope you'll be there with me through uni and beyond haha.


P.S. Hi guys! Sup Tore & Nyer! I'm not sure you guys remember me, especially Nyer since I seldom asked about cnc stuff from him but come on Tore i'm counting on your good memory (I'm making an assumption not sure if your memory's good :P)

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