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The Update with "No Delay" (8.27)..


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Hello, first i have to say thanks to the cncnet team at all you did a very great job so far.

But with the latest update you changed something many players of us like, even if you had good intentions.. but let me please explain, there are players who like this "delay feeling" but its completly gone with the last update and this make us feel very uncomfortable in this game.. i cant describe it but it is like it isn't playable anymore for us, however i dont think all will understand this, it just feels strange and complete different. So i wanna ask you, is there maybe a way to implement a button to choose the option to play with or without delay? :(

best regards

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  • Tendi54 changed the title to The Update with "No Delay" (8.27)..

Hi @Tendi54

I really agree with you on that. I would love to have the game delay like before. If ppl want to have reduced delay, it should be provided as an option like it was before. Or the otherway round at least? 

Could any developer tell the story/intention behind changing it please? 

cc @Grant

Thanks and best 

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hey lads @MBa@Tendi54. thanks for providing us with the feedback.

before this there was quite a lot of feedback on the input delay and to remove it, so we worked on it and eventually got it removed, & the response has been overwhelmingly positive. However we didn't think of this scenario which we'd like to apologise for.

I'm not sure if the option to make the 0 input delay toggleable will be possible (I'm an admin, not a dev), but this "0 input delay" will likely be permanent. However, your feedback is valid & we'd encourage more players to speak up if they also feel the same. We will be looking into making this option toggleable, but I cannot confirm no guarantee that this option will be available in the future.

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