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Game guides/tutorials thread


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The purpose of this thread is to collect and organise primarily multiplayer game guides and tutorials for each respective official game, that is currently supported by CnCNet v5. This is most likely subject to change, as I'm willing to add content for all of the games and mods that are supported by both CnCNet v4 and CnCNet v5. Besides that, I'll try to to keep this thread updated, mostly in regards to adding newly found or made guides/tutorials. In case you find or know of any guides, that in your humble opinion would be fitting for this thread, please shoot me a private message about it -- or simply link to it here in the thread instead!


Command & Conquer/Tiberian Dawn


A collection of strategies, build orders, tactics and tips; take a look at Green Acres Expansion, Strafing, Mixed Unit Strike, GDI Stands Nod, Golden Eagle and Dead Bang! for starters

Unit and structure guide; more accurate unit, structure and weapon stats can be found here


Red Alert


RA According to Milo234


Tiberian Sun


General-purpose game guide

Forest Fires guide


Dune 2000


Build orders thread

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I wrote my own guide based on my few years of experience of Tiberian Dawn on cncnet, it contains a lot of information that I'm sure will be useful to many

It is only a crude text file, so no fancy Icons in there :/


Feel Free to post here what you think could be improved about it.


You forgot to add to remember to nerd rage and disconnect everytime you lose.

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Hi just to let you know, the links are broken / old under your TS section. My TS guide can be downloaded here:




Other general TS guide related material is on www.cnctiberiansun.wordpress.com , though the link you gave to my TS FF guide does still seem to work.


Thanks :-)



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Yeah sorry Trz, I needed a header at a rush. I will change the header if you like (or can use a better one if you want to make one!)


I would consider making a link to your forum, but no one uses it! Everyone is here, and most players know each other so well there's no need to post. :-( At least the blog is still working to drive people to play cncnet.

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This is the most comprehensive Tiberian Sun Strategy Guide on the planet!  It expands upon Mole40k's guide.

I just added new tactics today (4-28-2016)  661 Facebook likes and counting    :P



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