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Manu's Battlemaps (1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3)


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Here will be posted all battlemaps 2vs2 and 1vs1. I'll start with this one:



Thirsty duel 2P




The map is nearly exactly mirrored so it should be very equal.


The mission objective so far: A chinook will land on the island, where your (sometimes your own, sometimes the enemies) mcv starts, but it cannot expand. The 4 engineers below the landing zone of the helicopter can be transported to the next shore you can see. There will be 4 buildings to be conquered, 1 Barracks, 1 Hand of Nod, 1 Adv. Powerplant, 1 Tiberium Silo. Conquer them and now you can expand your base.


The rest is given, one big far channel for massive troup attack (the shape of a "2") and a smaller bypass for some more quick attacking.


If youre NOD you surely will take advantage of the fast vehicles to rush into the enemy's base, if youre GDI it's rather recommended to block the ways and push forward slowly but forcing, so it is a matter of time who will win.


Just like ever: Enjoy playing, tell me some bugs or important changes that would have to be made.



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Stripe Battle 4P




Simply a variation of the Stripe Land 5 Player Map in my '5 Player Map'-thread.


To mention the specials: On the top right you can see 2 Silos, a tech-center, a tiberium refinery and a hospital, all there to be conquered. Place whatever you like around those buildings to conquer the tiberium island.



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Freezy Battlefield 2vs2 4P




Freezy Battlefield Vol. II 2vs2 4P




The two versions are a bit different.


The first one has only one main Path from team 1 to team 2, so build along to the middle like a snake.


The second version has a wall with a tiny gap to pass and a small back exit of your Base. So you can attack on the front in the main area and do sneak attacks at the back. Choose whatever Version you like best.





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Polluted Villages 2vs2 4P




A map with a natural build, not mirrored this time.

This map eliminates any West disadvantages for NOD and has no real "North VS South"-playing because you can build your own way through the paths...

eliminate the villages for long battles to have extra tiberium field or for buildings or leave 'em there to have a blockade.


Download below here.....



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CnCNet appears to have a part fix, part screw-up for this issue. With maps like Manu's last one you can't start next to eachother in 1v1, which is good, but in stock maps with many different spawns a lot of the interesting close base 1v1 matchups become impossible since the game tries to make players start as far apart as possible. This leads to a lot of predictability on most maps, like knowing (almost) for certain where the other guy is at the very start.

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Maybe nyer broke it at a point and now it works like it was meant to be? At least all other cnc games use the logic to spawn players as far as possible from each other (dune 2000 does that too)


Player1 biggest distance to Player2

Player3 biggest distance to Player4

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Maybe nyer broke it at a point and now it works like it was meant to be? At least all other cnc games use the logic to spawn players as far as possible from each other (dune 2000 does that too)

wut. I never touched that system. The only thing I fixed was the messup when having more players than there are waypoints on the map. And I fixed that just by making the game reduce its internal "maximum number of allowed of players in multiplayer" to the actual map maximum. Which was set to 4 in the official release anyway.


And from what I could see, C&C1 just randomized those start points.

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Here is another version (a kind of fun edit / alternative version / scripted edition) of the map Thirsty duel and it is called:


Thirsty duel scripted 2P




Now what's special about it? As you can notice the spawn point of your mcv lies inbetween 5 turrets that will hack the guts out of it, even if you deploy.....


North has a pre set combination of NOD Tanks and GDI troops, adding a nuke, helipads and some additional buildings.

South has a pre set combination of GDI Tanks and NOD troops, adding a nuke, helipads and also some other buildings that are same to what north has.


Due to the fact that the airfield is stronger than the weapon factory, the initial health of the airfield is reduced by half.


But the map is set so you have everything in option to do... just think about your opportunities and your already unlocked building options.


This map can also be played with 0 starting credits, you should move your 4 harvesters to earn money from the beginning on, everything else is up to you.


For a little special (and if you lose the weap or airfield / barracks or Hand of Nod) there are 3 buildings in the middle - WEAP, BARR, HAND - so conquer them first.



Soo......have fun! Download below! BOTH files!!!!!!!!!



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my next battlemap:


Dust 2vs2 4P




As you can see the main goal for the winner team is to get to the big "pot" first. As you base creep to the top, dont forget that a long base can have a weak tail. Also mind the little island between the two enemies for extra heli attack opportunities. Have fun!


* Downloads below *



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my next battlemap after Polluted Villages:

Polluted Woodlands 2vs2 4P




It is not easy to crawl, but you will have to if you're not willing to run short of money. The west is the final answer for a long endurance battle.


Download BOTH files and extract them into your folder maps/manu>scm176ea



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