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Let's Play Command & Conquer - All maps, all missions


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C&C is probably my all-time favourite RTS, and it holds up so well today.  :) The controls and menus and easy and responsive, the graphics are clear, the tech tree makes sense, everything.


Hell, some stuff like the side menu would MORE sense today. Nowadays most people have a widescreen monitor where a bottom menu just wastes space. C&C had widescreen support before widescreen existed!  :laugh: I know, the side menu isn't unique to C&C, but bottom menus seem to be more dominant.

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Yeah, I think they sure got it right with C&C, even it's flaws are endearing! Nice to see some good playthroughs with commentary as well.  Some of us have vids, too.. My buddy RC1985 is practically a savant at exploiting the AI (major spoiler alert!!).  And of course I have to plug my channel, although that's mostly dealing with custom making maps and multiplayer games. 

:cncsmirk: Cheers!  :cncsmirk:


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