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Red alert 2 (without Yuri) or Classic mode, when will it be released?


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No offence, but YR is actually superior to RA2.


From what I gather "classic mode" is just like RA2, except on the better engine. You get the best of both worlds. What's the problem?


It's not really, ra2 mode on cncnet is nothing like ra2 at xwis. They removed a few units and by the looks of it didn't do much else. It's also limited by some of YR's functions. E.g. on ra2 u can make as many Tanya as u like, on ra2 mode ur limited to 1 like yr. There was a few other differences I noticed aswell.

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well, all planes have x2 strength (how does that happen???). means:

1korea eagle- kills a rhino. 2korea eagle- kills pp/afc/barracks/tech. 3korea eagle- wf/ref  4... mcv  etc....

also, tanks build slower same as yr, added the fact that GI are strong same as yr, it's a whole new game. no ra2, nor yuri.

pretty much useless sovs ah?

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