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C&C finds

Milkey Wilkey

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you wouldn't believe me. I've seen that picture on some of my old cds ages ago and today it just strikes in my head. I didn't find the CD and was almost destroyed in frustrations. and then I just cropped a shot and searched in google and here it is


I've also seen both of the photos from that screenshot, but can't remember where. it's possible that they are was taken from old movie

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Nice find.

Right. Looked it up,tracked it down, that image is a render of a stock LightWave MustangHighRes 3d scene.

Heh the pic of the scene is even on Wikipedia


Stock assets were used by a lot of companies at the time, its not that really surprising, from what i can tell that one is also available as a plain already rendered image that comes with the version of LightWave they used back then.


As a Westwood artist explained to me, the artists at Westwood weren't bound to specific software's, instead they used what they preferred and mixes of multiple ones.

From what i can tell LW doesn't have a built in renderer, so everything was rendered in 3dsmax at the end tho.

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are there any other full versions of songs that is not included in any compilations or albums?

You might want to visit:



I recommend looking in "Rare Tracks" first. There are several songs, that where meant for C&C, but not included.

In the folder C&C itself, some songs might be slightly different than in the original game.

Coming from both; same have been added "recently".

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