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2on2 Tournament Bracket and Discussion Thread


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We have reached our goal of 8 teams and we will be starting this tournament.


I'd like to thank Auf_Ruler, alexeyk, and an anonymous member for their kind donations allowing this tournament to be held with prize money. For information on distribution, check out the 2on2 tournament rules and information thread posted below.


The bracket with the 8 teams signed up is found here: http://challonge.com/yuri2on2


The 2on2 Tournament rules and map information is found here: https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=6477.0


Recall that each game will need to be streamed for it to be considered official. Auf Ruler and (hopefully) others will be around to stream games. Please use the means of this forum, skype, and CNCNET to communicate properly.


Additionally, we understand that this process has been a long one and a couple of teams may not be available for this tournament. Here, we ask that any last minute teams that would like to be added to take over the spots apply in this thread.


Good luck all!


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Matt/Max would be an excellent addition, however, since the tournament started and there is no easy way to accommodate 1 more team, they will need to be the first team to take over an inactive team.


With it being the weekend, we would like to get games going.... We've seen contact from just about every team involved here in the past week. Let's try to have a pushed motivation to get the games in by the end of this weekend.


If teams cannot communicate/get games going by the weekend, we will look towards giving Matt/Max a spot over an inactive team.


Auf Ruler will be on the games for those looking to get this tournament started.

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Congratulations goes out to Buffalo and aMurdock for successfully entering the second round with a 5-0 defeat over Insaiyan and Pablo.


Insaiyan and Pablo will now await the loser of XWIS Adam + Expand vs. Ankarar + Gun_Man in the 'losers bracket'.

Buffalo + murdock now awaits the winner of the aforementioned matchup.


Thank you Buffalo for the stream.


Recall, it will take two tournament loses to be eliminated from the tournament!



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As an Update for all players:


We have connected with just about everybody and here is what I am hearing.


Nawb + Korc vs. Alexeyk + Reptoh

Alexeyk's team is looking to play at 8pm their time, which is 1pm EST for those in US this week. Nawb / Korc, can you play this early?


ZigZag/Andy vs. uJast + Nemi

UJast and Nemi have been on this weekend looking for their opponents. Zig, is Andy still around/are you guys looking to play soon?



XWIS Adam / Expand vs. Ank + Gun _ Man

I hear that XWIS adam/Expand will be on after this weekend to participate in their games. I've seen Ank/Gun_Man around looking for their matchup.


Great job on activity guys, let's try to get these games in early on in the week.


Additionally, it would be *ideal* if teams could agree on a time in advanced so we can get good streaming options available and advertise properly.




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In an amazing series, Ankarar and Gun_Man proceed to the second round over XWIS Adam and Expand. Ankarar was the series MVP with excellent allied and yuri play. This series featured adam/expand a head 3-0 after the first 3 games, but Ankarar and Gun_man didn't quit and won the next 5 games.


XWIS Adam and Expand -- You can get your revenge starting with a match up with Insaiyan and Pablo in the 2nd Elimination Bracket round 1. Whenever those teams are ready, feel free to find a streamer and get the game started.


Ankarar and Gun_Man -- You can continue your conquest against Buffalo and Justin in the second round whenever both of your teams are online.




Nice stream by Auf-Ruler with commentary.

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gg's - a very funny matchup ..... if only you could hear us talking along with the games (lols!!!)


With how great of a series it was, I look forward to a possible rematch in the 2nd elimination bracket round 3, which seems very possible!


haha, maybe. Depends how ruined me and Tony get before / during / inbetween games LMAO  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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