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2on2 Tournament Bracket and Discussion Thread


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I will only be available to play YR 2v2 tournament from 3:15 PM eastern time till 5:15 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday.


ok...thats 12;15 to 3;15 korcs time...is he also availible same times and days?



You should worry about GunMan and Ankarars times =) when they are available to play.

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Was fun while it lasted although it did drag on a little at the end. Thanks to Joe and Prep for organizing this tourney and actually seeing it through and paying people unlike some swine (Time2Bail).

Also thanks to the guys who put up the money much appreciated. Good games this tourney :D.



Buffalo Sauce

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The finalized tournament is found here: http://challonge.com/yuri2on2


Congrats goes out to Buffalo and Justin for their domination.

A huge thank you goes to Auf Ruler for seeing this thing through. Amazing consistency and resiliency to work with all involved. Really impressive dedication, Joe.


Even tho we had some issues at times with competitors and time constraints, all competitors were mostly cordial and friendly to everyone in the tournament. That is nice to see.


Cheers all.  Here's hoping the community can come together for more events in the future!

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51 minutes ago, sero said:

sorry for the double post, i have a good idea. maybe continue the tournament this christmas? 

Huh? I'm all for X-mas holiday tournaments, but who is looking for tournaments? 


I'd love to host a good ole 1on1 tournament, @a1nthony wanted to promote one. Is there any other interest? 

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