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Issue in first map start





i created a nice custom map -> [4] Presidential Lake which is a 2vs2 version of the original little big lake map.

-> The issue i face is the following and it applies to all games i start:

If all players already have the map  - it works flawlessly

If one of the player loads the map the first time and the game is started some players are directly dropped back to game menü.

Any thoughts on what the reason could be?

[4] presidential lake.map

[4] presidential lake.png

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Hi Grant,

thanks for your reply, as you can see in the other thread it seems to be a spread issue - maybe peaople blame their connection or something and thats why no one reported it yet ... but i notice it every time i make a new map... if player loads the map the first time it crashes 100%... if you restart the game it works perfectly...


In my other topic you can see that i am not the only one who knows/faces this issue:


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