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HI, I am facing lag during the game, it starts slow at beginning than it gets better, I have contacted my ISP, and confirmed that there is no issue with my connection speed, and they said it is with the server, I have 50mbps internet, everything else I use, ex. youtube or any other games, it runs perfectly and no lag / no buffer.

The only issue is when I only play RA, wondering if someone can help me solve this issue, or if someone faced similar case.




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Photon seems to have the same problem, was in a game with him a few days ago and it was slow at the starts just like all your games.

He was about to ask his ISP, maybe figured something out, you should ask him. I will ask him later too when I see him

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Hi Funky, sure will ask him, we were chatting me and him last night about our issues, I have contacted my provider, but they said its about the server, not sure what that means, my ping is always 5ms. but the lag is there.

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Hi ,


me and Photon, found out, that when we play with each others, we have no lag, but excellent speed, because we play locally, we are in the same area, but when we connect with other players (internationally ) it lags, so it about the server, wonder what can be done

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There is no server used, it's Peer-to-Peer (that means direct connection between players without any server in between). But I already tested that with you when I told you to type in the commands, one of the commands disabled Peer-to-Peer and was sending all your data through a server rather than directly to the players (That didn't work either).

I guess you may have a similar problem as the chinese players, they have bad routes to certain locations which is causing lag (packet loss). But they also have another problem, the internet censorship (the great firewall of china) on top of that.

They're using VPN's to get around the problem, but that is causing lag too

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10 hours ago, Suckernoob said:

Hey, I'm facing the same thing..

You are also from the U A E? Cause everyone with this problem comes from there. What game you play?

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On 4/27/2017 at 10:45 PM, FunkyFr3sh said:

You are also from the U A E? Cause everyone with this problem comes from there. What game you play?


I live in UAE yeah... Any fix? I have another thread for my problem.


Oh I play Yuri's Revenge.

Edited by Suckernoob
Forgot to mention what game I play.

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