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RA1 weird AI behaviour and almost destroyed keyboard

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This is a very long post, but i'm gonna trying to be short:


Im currently having a problem with AI behaviour with my current mission. My plan is to do next: USSR must capture and defend four different technology centers. If any technology centers gets destroyed -> mission is failed. Each captured technology center gives you a four General units at your usage. The mission is completed when all Technology Centers are captured and enemy forces are destroyed.

Currently when my engineer gets in Technology Center -> The units will come out but if someone destroys the technology center -> game continues running but no mission failed screen...



Here is the trigger:

Name:      +1
Owner:     Greece
Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy)
Type:      complex (event1 => action1; event2 => action2)


Event 1:   Entered by...USSR
Event 2:   Destroyed by anybody


Action 1:  Global Set... 1
Action 2:  Loser is... USSR


Linked to: Buildings - 1


and the [Trig] itself : +1=0,1,3,1,1,-1,2,7,-1,0,28,-1,-1,1,2,-1,-1,-254





Currently Spain does have a four different patrols which will be created shortly after mission is started. The Tanks near at the Number 1 should be a one team and they should patrol nearby.


The tank and two riflemen near the Number 2 are our own, independent team and they does not have anything relating on team number one. HOWEVER! Right after the mission starts -> One of the Team 1 tanks will switch places with Team 2 tank?! The red line means that those two tanks will switch places (see the attached picture).




Here are the codes for this:


Name:      grd2
Owner:     Spain
Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy)
Type:      simple (event1 => action1 [+ action2])


Event 1:   Elapsed Time (1/10th min)... 1


Action 1:  Create Team... grd2


and Teamtype:


Name:     grd2
Owner:    Spain
Priority: 14
Max:      0
Num:      0
WayPoint: 50


Team:     Light Tank            2


Orders:   0 Move to waypoint... 51
          1 Guard area (1/10th min)... 2
          2 Move to waypoint... 52
          3 Guard area (1/10th min)... 2
          4 Move to waypoint... 50
          5 Guard area (1/10th min)... 2
          6 Jump to line #... 0


Linked triggers: grd2

PROBLEM NUMBER THREE! Right after start, there are two 2TNK units placed on South-West and South-East. The unit from South-West should start patrolling. BUT! The 2TNK which is placed on South-East will actually starts doing that?!?!?! Both are Guard -stance and but if i set the 2TNK from South-East Area Guard -stance it will stay where it is supposed to and the unit in South-West will patrol as i've planned.


I'm very frustated on this and during this evening i almost destroyed my keyboard and throw PC out of the window... this is very frustating since feels like nothing is not gonna work and i don't know or understand why! This mission is meant to come the next version of Command & Conquer REDUX for Red Alert 95 which im currently working on...



vitun romu 2.png

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Problems with patrols has been fixed. My first post contained an attached image, where Team 2 consist with two Riflemen and one 1TNK -> Changed their side into Goodguy and now they works fine.


However, i still need help with the Technology Centers. My idea was next:

1) Player captures technology center -> Reinforcements will arrive inside the center

2) If anyone destroys technology center -> Mission failed.

Currently when my Engineer captures building -> Reinforcements will arrive inside the technology center. After it has been captured -> anyone destroys it -> nothing happens.


Any help?

Currently the trigger is next:


Name:      +1
Owner:     USSR
Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy)
Type:      complex (event1 => action1; event2 => action2)

Event 1:   Entered by...USSR
Event 2:   Destroyed by anybody

Action 1:  Global Set... 1
Action 2:  Loser is... USSR

Linked to: Buildings - 1





EDIT:Also my idea is that ALL four technology centers must be captured and ALL enemy structures must destroy before mission is accomplished. That trigger i haven't created yet, since i want to advance step-by-step.

Edited by Salvation
Added my idea

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