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Sole Survivor - Full Download


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Okay, I botched that first attempt up. I got it to work for me, but I have no clue what I have to set in the registry to get this to work. My best advice is to set it to compatibility mode for Windows 95 and click disable visual themes, 256 color mode (which is a bit pointless, but doesn't hurt from what I've seen), and run in 640x480 (again, pointless). I nearly included a registry fix in the installer, but I wasn't sure whether including the 64-bit fix would screw up the 32-bit systems and such.


Here's the full disk image (Qooy screwed up on part 2 twice, so I said screw it and uploaded it to megashares):







For references sake (and for the sake of the less technically inclined with a 64-bit system), here's my custom installer. It requires the above image either burned and inserted into your disk drive or mounted (I use MagicDisc, works like a charm and good for backup up your disks). Remember this lesson well: before you make an installer that doesn't require the disk, take out the disk.


Oh, and the links are interchangeable; you don't need to download more than one of them.















Edit: I've added an some converted maps for you guys to play around with. What I did was remove every map in the game from SOLEDISK.MIX, then copy over one of the maps to the directory. It booted up and loaded only that map, so then I put my favorite mission's .bin file in instead. It looked glitchy (Sole Survivor's maps can be as large as RA's, if I'm guessing correctly), but it worked. Then I replaced the .ini file. It looked fine, but I constantly exploded. Yeah... So then I replaced a lot of boring generic-TD stuff with boring generic-SS stuff. And I got shot by everything. So I tweaked the crates, and I got it so I had radar a decent amount of the time and, more interestingly, I put everything that was on side BadGuy on side Multi1. Unfortunately, that drag-box it does in Sole Survivor can't actually select anything. But my allies hauled butt up to the enemy side (at least the south-western troops did...) and... got their butts kicked by Mammoth Tanks. They never respawned, and neither did any enemy forces. And the buildings were completely AWOL. I'm going to look at the stock maps with working buildings again and see if I can figure out how they did it. Also, I included a file to quickly convert a map to Sole Survivor format (it's easy enough to do by hand, but it's boring). See the map pack's readme for more details.


Map Pack: http://www.mediafire.com/?kb0ip6nuxud35


And here are some screenshots. Yes, I botched the palette conversion on the 5th one...




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-C&C95's installer isn't cool. That's just the DOS version.

-By reducing the image to 180 mb, you lost the CD audio tracks.

-These mirrors are just of a 15-mb installer. Even with this installer you still need the SS CD. The 183 mb image you talked about isn't even in there.


As for the installer:

-All stuff you list under "Getting it running" in the installer can be applied BY the installer, like I did for C&C95 and RA 3.03. Also, "Run in 256 colors" and "Run in 640x480" are useless for C&C games; the game sets your system to 256 colour 640x480 anyway. Enabling the options doesn't make any difference.

-"If the Westwood and Sole Survivor videos look right, you're set." - As far as I know, even with the registry fix for the Windows 7 colours problem, the intro video is usually still messed up.

-it doesn't create the game's registry entries under "HKLM\Software\Westwood\Sole Survivor".

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Okay, I admit it; I've horribly, horribly botched this up. :( I'll look into a 1.05 nocd ro a mini-image. In the mean time, I'll upload the original image I downloaded to somewhere.


Has any one concidered uploading sole survivor to Abandonia, it would have made a lot more sense after all the do have dune 2, 2k and CnC DOS uploaded there. (and it saves on 53 of mirors most of which are one sites which will eventualy take them down)

I don't think there's a DOS version of Sole Survivor. How do you upload to Abandonia?

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Okay, I've uploaded the CD, and I've also messed around with the map files and realized it's TD's map format with the ability for larger maps. I threw together a little example pack for you guys to test.


Thanks. I downloaded it and it asked for a CD then I got sad face so I quit.

:O You didn't read the very first response? Seriously?


Edit: Oh, the Mobile-HQ still works...


Edit 2: So if I put











It won't mess up 32- or 64-bit systems? It'll just work? Because the installer program I use is easily capable of putting that in. Also, how do you automatically set it to use Windows 95 compatibility mode? Also, what should it put in the registry under Westwood/Sole Survivor? I'll check my Virtual Machine.


Edit: Guys, I just realized that registry files are .ini files with quotes around the keys.

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Registry entries get inserted into the Windows registry; the actual .reg files are irrelevant. They're just a way of inserting data.


If you make your installer with Inno Setup you can make the installer itself insert stuff into the registry directly, and you can even make it insert different registry keys based on the CPU architecture (32 bit or 64 bit), so obviously you should only make it insert the relevant one.

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Just want that game. Perhasp with my luck I could make a lan patch :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

You can't make a LAN patch. The game HAS no LAN, at all. There's no LAN mode in the game. It requires a server and wwchat to run.

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