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Myg's C&C95 netcode breakthrough!


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Jeod: Do you honestly think, if I could do that, I wouldn't have done it ages ago? <_<


And yes, the manual says you can 'use your allies' facilities', meaning you can unload your harvesters in your allies' refineries. repair your vehicles on your allies' repair pads, and reload your helicopters on your allies' helicopter pad.


I knew you didn't get the money from the harvesters, but I never realized the ally didn't get it either... bummer :|

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I'm impressed with this Netcode breakthrough.

I've played with an American (nickname: Css) and it was a cool game.

Well, I have to admit that I'm not the most experienced in ONLINE GAMING at all.


But it's so balanced, with a totally different dynamic of the Single player which I'm more used to.

It got desync after around 1 hour playing but it was awesome.

After this, I'll be here more often!


And I have to say thanks to Pichorra which helped a lot to get me connected.

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