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godly-cheese's videos!


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Well this post is most certainly long overdue. For a long time godly-cheese has been making videos about C&C and CnCNet. He has made commentaries and a few video tutorials. His Youtube channel and [noembed]CnCNet live stream[/noembed] aren't always about about C&C. He does videos on other games such as StarCraft or Arma as well.


Now enjoy a free-for-all with diarrhea green and beatbox entertainment?

C&C Tiberian Dawn: 2v2 - Mar 12, 2011; P1/2



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I have to say that, not only the CnC95 videos and the channel itself are cool, but when you'd come to have the chance to watch a live game it's awesome, because GC tends to make comments and the decision making process is analized at the moment it happens. So for those who enjoy the game and want to debate beyond any theory,  it's a great tool.


I believe in the coming years we will have a lot of people playing CnC95, again or the first time.

In part because of this kind of innitiative of the active supporters.


Good idea for a post Tore

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Cheese, make sure you move your units enough to activate the smoothing code before you surrender, otherwise you will just lag the others.

That explains why it lags when someone is specting...



I did some tests, Yes, it is true "CnCNetServer".

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