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What is EA - C&C Remastered?

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A Remastered C&C has now been confirmed

What and why has this forum been made?

EA wants to listen to your views on a Remastered C&C. These forums have been designed to allow you to give your views to some of the questions @EA_Jimtern will be asking, and some of the questions CnCNet will be asking you. Remember to keep your posts relevant to the question being asked.  



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    • By Grant
      @EA_Jimtern posted a remaster update on the official C&C Subreddit.

      This should hit some nostalgia notes...

    • By 9LivesCatFood
      The past year a few of my old favorite games got their official servers shut down. No one plays those games online now. I know the C&C community will always find a way to play C&C online but do you think it woulda been good if these old C&C game servers shut down? Honestly I think so. Don't get me wrong it's nice to still be able to play these games online but I think it would have been "healthier" for the games to be shut down rather than be on life support until no one logs in anymore.
    • By Eisengeist
      I only got to play C&C Sole Survivor a little while before the servers went down and didn't get to try all its modes but it was pretty cool having every unit controlled by a player.   Plus some of the more elusive units made an appearance.   Isn't it the only game where you could play as a Viceroid, or at least the classic style Viceroid?  Hopefully it wouldn't be too big a project to build it into the remasters.
    • By Grant
      We've gone ahead and created a new suggestions forum for the discussion of the C&C Remasters. It will allow you to post your own suggestion on what you would like to see happen.  More information on the C&C Remaster news be found in our announcements forum.  
      Posting rules
      One suggestion per topic. Do not put multiple suggestions into one topic.  Good topic titles. Suggestion in the title and to the point. 👍 Good topic title example:
      Sidebar categories - { insert reason for/or against } ⛔ Bad topic title example: 
      All of my suggestions to EA.  
      Topics will be manually approved before appearing to ensure the rules have been met. 
      Please be respectful of everyone's opinions, any spam or off topic posts will be removed without warning. 
    • By Grant
      Latest announcement from @EA_Jimtern - read the full announcement on the C&C Sub Reddit. 
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