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Yuri's Revenge works in CnC Net, but doesn't without it.



I've been trying the entire day to make Yuri's revenge to work properly, but it doesn't seem to manage to do that unless it's launched via the CnCnet launcher.


I've been trying to replay the campaign, and I just finished the Vanilla RA2 game without any problems. But Yuri's Revenge seems to be a whole different beast. It works well in menus and during loading, but the second the game loads you can hear sounds while the screen looks like https://i.imgur.com/1BaOANC.jpg, and this is while Yuri works smooth as butter on cncnet. 

At this point i'm completely out of ideas. The only thing done to the game is changed the resolution to 1920 x 1080, it worked that way in RA2.

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