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RA1 freezes in game-menu




I've installed RA1 the full game (single campaign missions), but without the game-videos.

I run win10.

Whenever i start the game, it freezes in the game-menu.

I've tried different video-resolutions, 3d-acceleration methods (D3D, OpenGL, DirectDraw) but none works.

I've tried windows internal compatibility function (trying out both win98/ME and vista) but none works.

Any advice?

Best regards :)

Tonni Sorensen, Denmark :)

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Did it also happen with the default settings?

I see you changed the resolution, enabled windowed mode and it looks like your disabled the window border?


would be nice if you could attach your ddraw.ini and redalert.ini to your next post in case it only happens with these custom settings


All compatibility modes needs to be disabled btw, otherwise the game doesn't work properly

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