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Translation is wrong

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Aftermath Fast Build


ra-LabelAftermathFastBuild=Aftermath Fast Build

ToolTipAftermathFastBuild=With this enabled there won't be a cap for build speed [email protected] you buy additional production facilities of the same [email protected](e.g. more than two Barracks) and the Aftermath expansion is enabled.



ra-LabelAftermathFastBuild=禁止建设速度叠加(    禁止=forbid   )

ToolTipAftermathFastBuild=选中后建造速度不会随@生产设备增多而加快(比如: 多于两个兵营).   ( 不会=wont be fast  )


@FunkyFr3sh Whose translation is this? I have better suggestions for some words.

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I think “Aftermath Fast Build” is Aftermath‘s unit and original edition’s building speed。

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It seems the language files are available nowhere for online editing, no repo at GitHub etc. - would make contributions and fixes far easier.

I'm now working on improving and completing the Finnish translation, the current one is pretty awful. Awful enough to trigger me late at night to do unplanned translation work and now it is 4 AM :D About 200 more lines until I've fixed everything, so completing tomorrow.

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@FunkyFr3sh Here is a notably improved Finnish translation. Removed poo humor and fixed many misunderstood terms, such as client being consistently called server.

I didn't translate "In-Game Pager" as I'm not sure what it actually is.

Then I noticed there were things that were left untranslated:

  • Cancel button in many dialogs is still in English
  • "No TeslaZap Effect Delay" option doesn't translate even though there is a string for that
  • Chat option "Lines" string space is very short, can't fit more than 4 or 5 characters
  • "Ban" and "Kick" tooltips can't be translated
  • "Explorer" button can't be translated

Also noticed that the language files are in latin-1 even though UTF-8 is supported, it might be a good idea to have all of the files in UTF-8 with BOM :)


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