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Found an old Red Alert 2 cd



So I was cleaning out an old computer desk and found an old CD set with Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge and Renegade.  I purchased these legally, like from a store and everything. It brought back some memories so I thought I would try to play them.  To my dismay, my Windows 10 laptop won't install them.  That led me to Google which eventually brought me here.  So I'm not the brightest dude around, but nothing on any of the other forums seemed to be able to get these to work.  That included trying to run them as an admin and in compatibility mode.  Eventually I ended up here, and wondered if the CnC net 5 download might be able to help me.  However, when I try it, I am told that I need to have Yuri's Revenge installed.  So I have an ancient Yuri's Revenge disk, but don't know how to get it to actually install.  A rather quick glance through the forums here didn't seem to address my issue, so I thought I would see if anyone had any ideas.  I am not really interested in most of the online type of things because I am old and likely terrible, I really just want to play the single player campaigns and if it evolves into something else, then cool.  Anyhow, are those disks worth anything in terms of trying to get play these old games? If this has been asked and resolved before, I apologize.

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