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How to trigger Paris Tower automatically?

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Hi, Please help me!

I'm using Final Alert 2 (map maker) to make the map. I build the Paris Tower. But when I start the game, Paris Tower doesn't work. It doesn't electric-kill like s tesla coil.

Other attacking buildings like tesla coil, flak cannon, prism tower, patriot missile are in the same condition-they don't attack.

I have made them attack one time earlier, but now I don't know how to do that again.

One more thing. When I finish making the map, I have to change the extension into .map because the folder Custom doesn't read  .yrm or .mpr. 

Please look at the pictures to know more.

Thank you

ScreenHunter 225.jpg

ScreenHunter 226.jpg

ScreenHunter 227.jpg

ScreenHunter 228.jpg

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place a shock trooper next to it.

Otherwise, add this to your map:


make sure, the owner's house has enough power plants to power the tower.

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