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Red Alert 2 Game Speed, fixes don't work?



Hi all

I hope there is someone who can help me get out of this one. 

I'm trying to run Red Alert 2 (original CD version) on Windows 10 and the game runs way too fast!

Here is where I am:

- I've installed the 1.006 patch

- I've tried the " - speedcontrol" fix in a hundred different ways. No joy

- I've tried changing the config file by running as an admin and saving changes to the game speed. I've taken it down even to 1 and no joy

- I've lastly tried a hex editor (I use HxD) to change the numbers that I see everyone citing. Something about changing a 47 to a 70, but mine says 58. 

Hence, it's a no-go for me. Is there anything else I can try? I think my best bet is the Hex editor, but since nobody can give me definitive guidance on that, I am as stuck as a horse in a hole. 

Please help!


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On 3/15/2020 at 9:23 PM, FunkyFr3sh said:

How did you even get the CD version to work on windows 10 (it isn't supported...)? Did you download any patches or ddraw wrappers or did you install cncnet?

Hey man thanks for responding. 

This is weird. The laptop I am playing it on used to be Windows 7, I think (I did upgrade it to 10) And yes, RA2 absolutely does not work on my desktop. I assumed that is due to hard

The only stuff I can remember doing was downloading the V 1.006 patch and another patch to stop the game from freezing every 30 seconds. 

It runs fine, but too fast!


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41 minutes ago, phillgl said:

Hi Doblo,

Im having the same problems.

Was having display issues playing so downloaded the latest patch.

Now I cant slow it down. The game speed option isnt in setting anymore.

Am stuggling for ideas to fix ths.



What patch did you download and where?

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I just installed latest cncnet. it was the 1st time ive installed it as i read it would solve my display issues. which it did. Ra2 runs a lot better once cncnet was installed, but just in game is wayt to fast. I tend to play offline atm as I havent played ra2 for probably 15 years. I purchased and downloaded from origin.

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