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Hey everyone. I am new here...I have DL the client and I am able to play online or skirmishes just fine. my issue is I can not play the missions (the game keeps crashing)  when i use the old RA2/Yuri path. The C&C.net path does not give the option for the missions. is there a repair patch that will allow me to play the missions?  All my C&C games come from Origin if this matters. thanks Scally.. 

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You should still be able to play the single player missions that come with the game. You could try downloading them I believe there are 'rips', on some sites that give you a clean zip of the vanilla missions, but the Origin game does have them. If you get hold of a single player mission drop it in your RA2 folder.

Moving on from that Ive the Origin version, and Ive found that I can't get 'fan made missions', to work unless the .csf (text file), that sometimes comes with these is left out. The game crashes if the .csf is included in the Origin RA2 folder. If its put in an expand.mix file it loads the mission without crashing, but still defaults to the vanilla game texts.

There is a launcher for your problem which may help you. https://bibber.eu/downloads/cnc-ultimate-collection-launchers/

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