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How to install Red Alert 1 on Windows XP Vista 7 8 10 Linux MAC. 32 / 64bit


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Red Alert 1 Installer (RA1installer.exe) allows you to install / patch / repair Red Alert 1 on any modern operating system. All different language versions are supported (English/German/French).



Pick Your Operating System

6rx8q4d.png                  q2Kx0Ml.png


Optional Extras:

The Lost Files videos by Nyerguds (PS1 Expansion videos ported to PC):
The Lost Files v3 - English
The Lost Files v3 - German
The Lost Files v3 - French

Counterstrike & Aftermath music + Counterstrike ant videos + PS1 music:





When you start RA1installer you will have the following options:

  • 1. Web Installation:
    This feature downloads the freeware ISO files and installs them automatically (you don't need to have any games files, everything is included)
  • 2. CD Installation:
    Just insert the red alert CD, start the installer linked above (do not use the installer on the cds!), pick CD Installation and choose the drive
    You can also install the game via the freeware release files RedAlert1_AlliedDisc.rar/CD1_ALLIED_DISC.ISO and RedAlert1_SovietDisc.rar/CD2_SOVIET_DISC.ISO, just select Full CD Installation and browse to the folder that contains the files (you don't need to burn the files to a cd or mount them, RA1installer will take care of all that)
  • 3. Patch existing installation:
    Patches an existing installation (TUC, TFD, etc..)
    The installer will automatically find the installation folder for The Ultimate Collection/The First Decade/previous installation. If it doesn't find it or you want to patch a custom Red Alert installation then select the right folder as Destination Location.
    The Patch function will be disabled if the game wasn't found in the selected folder.



  • Does a complete install with videos/music including no-CD patch
  • Adds High Resolution Patch (Full HD 1920x1080)
  • Installs the game in the language of your choice (English/German/French/Spanish)
  • Works on Windows XP Vista 7 8 10 32&64
  • Installs the Aftermath and Counterstrike expansions
  • Online Support with hundreds of players every evening (via CnCNet)
  • LAN support (via CnCNet)
  • Adds CnC-ddraw (increases stability/Video stretching and more)
  • Adds Map Editors (edwin + raed)
  • Adds interior Theater fix (fixes invisible ore and bibs)
  • Patches the game to 3.03p-Iran
  • Adds optimized hotkeys including tutorial
  • Adds Configuration tool (from Iran/PortableRA)
  • Compatible with ARDA
  • Adds Red Alert Launcher
  • Adds Additional Campaigns


######### CREDITS #########

Iran: 3.03p-Iran, Config, Launcher..
hifi: cncnet, ddraw, patches..
tore: www.cnc-comm.com - Home of the RA1installer
Nyerguds: Various files and contributions
AlexB: Various ideas/files taken from his Arda project
Understorm: IPX to UDP LAN patch
CChyper: Plenty of RA-code research and contributions to 3.03p-Iran
seven: Hotkeys
[CCG]epsilon: spend a lot time with me to create the Spanish language pack
Boris: Help with the Russian language pack (old)
Electronic Arts: for making Red Alert 1 freeware
ISTheme free Inno Setup Theme tool


The following people helped to translate the installer:

GiftS, Pichorra, Lovehandles, [CCG]epsilon, Traymen, PlokiteWolf


Custom Campaigns:

  • Andrew Griffin: Flame Dancers: Genesis


German Title: Command and Conquer: Alarmstufe Rot ( Gegenangriff + Vergeltungsschlag )
French Title: Command and Conquer: Alerte Rouge ( Missions Taïga + Missions M.A.D. )


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Updated to 1.4:


added raed map editor

added interior Theater fix (fixes invisible ore and bibs)

added optimized hotkeys including tutorial

Map packs updated

settings file now checks for admin rights to avoid errors if started without required privileges

Readme and hotkey tutorial show now at the end of the install

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As requested in the chat, here is the Portuguese Portugal translation:


English => Portugal Portuguese


ERROR: Red Alert CD not found! Please select the right drive/folder! => ERRO: O CD de Red Alert não foi encontrado! Por favor selecione a Drive/Pasta correta!


Select the Red Alert CD => Selecione o CD de Red Alert


In which folder/drive is the Red Alert CD located? => Em qual Drive/Pasta está o CD de Red Alert?


Select the drive/folder in which the Red Alert CD is located: => Selecione a Drive/Pasta onde o CD de Red Alert está:


No-CD Patch/Full Installation => No-CD Patch/Instalação Completa


Hope it doesn't have any errors :S

Hope it helps you! :D

EDIT: Removed the extra C due to the new portuguese grammar

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Flawless Danish translation:


ERROR: Red Alert CD not found! Please select the right drive/folder! - FEJL: Red Alert CD'en kan ikke findes! Vælg venligst det korrekte drev/mappe!


Select the Red Alert CD - Vælg Red Alert CD'en


In which folder/drive is the Red Alert CD located? - I hvilken mappe/drev befinder Red Alert CD'en sig?


Select the drive/folder in which the Red Alert CD is located: - Vælg drevet/mappen hvori Red Alert CD'en befinder sig:


No-CD Patch/Full Installation - No-CD Patch/Fuld Installation

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as I said before, me and [CCG]epsilon spent the last 2 days translating the FULL GAME (!!!) to spanish, the first test version is now done and can be downloaded on *link removed, translation is now included in the installer*


Some testers are needed now, as soon as its tested enough it will be added to the installer

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Updated to 3.00:


Added: Install via Web

This new feature downloads the freeware ISO files directly from the official EA server and installs em automatically, no CD mounting or burning needed anymore


Added: Ultimate Collection and First Decade patcher

You can use it as a patcher for the Ultimate Collection and First Decade (turns it into a portableRA kind of installation)


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If you want to use it with arda make sure you enable the no-cd patch in the arda.ini, else it will fail to start. I never tested the latest version with arda, only earlier versions... Let me know if you can get it working


What you mean with "requires internet connetion" ?

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hi billbob, welcome to the forums !


actually i already included a "trainer" in this installer, it's a text file called "rules.ini"


you can find it in your game folder, open it in a text editor and change the values.. you can for example change something like this:











as you can see, i changed Cost=0 , that means everything will be free for germany. It's probably the best if you change the cost of all allied countries to 0 to make sure it works, if you play soviets then change the cost of all the soviet countries to 0


Allies: England, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Greece

Soviets: USSR, Ukraine


Note: you have to delete or rename the file if you want to play online, else you cant join any games (cheating online doesn't work!)


You can find high res previews of all missions here(thanks to iran!): http://www.flickr.com/photos/97634864@N04/sets/

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