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Too much lag!


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I am experiencing too much lag when I try to play with 4 friends. It is fine with 3 friends, but when the 4th person joins game is unplayable. It is not a problem with internet connection or server because any 3 of us 4 can play fine, but when any 4th person joins game becomes unplayable. I tried switching servers but no help. It may be noted that all 4 friends are in different countries. 

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Probably if your 4th player is some particular friend, he is the lagger for some reason. Because it is enough to have 1 slow connection or a slow PC of any player to make lags for all.

If one of your countries is far enough from other ones that might be a reason aswell.

What map did you play? That just might be a map with high PC requirements.

Make sure everyone of you picked a proper renderer (game settings).

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