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A serious problem with game balance


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Air is over powered in red alert 1  

also anti air is under powered in red alert 1 


This has been a problem for long time but has become more clear too me over time when i changed from being a base builder too a tanker 


In the game red alert 1 we have many maps and 2 main play styles 

Tanker players and base builder players

i get straight to the point and explain everything 


air units are by far the best in the game also there the most hated least fun and only take away good games from players 

air only good for trolling or for being a one trick pony or cheap wins air dumb the game down a lot 


why is air so over what makes it this way 


its because unlike any other units in the game air can go any where on the map fly over any defense and kill any building but army stuck on the land and navy stuck in sea  

the next thing i need point out is only few units can even defend them self vs air 

ok sure what about run away wait cant to that air faster too 


how about kill mcv power it only air air units kill a mcv no matter where it is on the map no range limit too air that is are strongest building a tanker player cant rebuild mcv after this 

ive been on both sides of this many 2v2 games one sided because cheap win or get teamed up on by 2 pros when am trying do right thing but lose because ally trolls 

3v3 games often turn into 2v3 games for long time because this too 


base builders even they are not safe a few good hotkeys with air and bookmarks and spam that build button u can take out up too 10 mcv at a time 

full base gets leveled ever 3-5 mins even with huge anti air  all one type building dead mcv or ore ref most the time 


i played few games op air players they built about 300-400 places in 30-50 mins i looked at stats after game 

also it didnt matter how many sams rocket soldiers i made waves of air can attack with out it mattering how many die they just build x2 more most game aways turn into this mcv death rebuild build sams rocket soldiers 



war tank players out right ban air from there games but air also just op on all maps 

also tanker base builds dont want because of air 


i was used not mind till too many players used air and how op it is

 but the fact that too many players spam air attack become stuck at this level of play poor play style  don't learn better skills 


u can learn play the game any way u want in your own room this post not shame air players say there not pro 

there some good players that only play custom mod maps that got good at this am even ok with rigged games as long as the players are open with what they are doing do so in the room they are the host off just playing for fun of it


I want some kind of fix too this air problem 

The best fix i think is add a button so players can just turn air on or off in room host settings 

that way the mod maps in red alert 1 that need stats too stay the same will not get messed up by any fix is made 

another fix just weaken air [by a lot] and make stronger anti air  stronger [by a lot too as well also units need be able fight back vs air not be helpless}

maybe build build limit be good i also think mod maps hurt less by this kinda change if it was too happen 

or even range limit 


but a air on or off button be by far the best for everone not doing anything about this me anti air players suffer in a game they don't like and just put up with and the players who aways use air on them 


i just want everone be able play the game how they want too 

it be so much easyer on everone if we can make it so both sides can have the game how they want it too be played in there rooms best done with settings just asking for no air players don't listen also no way stop them other then ban them from room after game 


players who like air should play with others who like air 

players who hate air like me should play others of are own kind be able have a clean air free game when is asked of the players 


guys be friendly its ok like air games just dont force it on me 

just because i don't like air u might or might not like air don't stop us from being friends everone has there point of view 



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IMHO you just need to do some more research and practise on how to defend air attacks. Only 2 or 3 players ever complained about "air attacks", but that's because they are unable to handle and defend those attacks. It's all in the game dear Lee-13... When countries go at war in real life you cant ask for example the Israelis to NOT USE AIR ATTACK because it's overpowered and unbalanced ?. Good Luck my nibbah!

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That's a very silly statement am one of the best players at anti air normally it's my ally's that resign 

Your missing the point of this post mad tank is also over powered yes you can just learn to fight off mad tank but that don't change how much it change the game for the worse 

The problem with air is its a stupid mechanic and it forces the gameplay to get stuck into a endless loop of air attack and anti air rebuilding base for hours 

What am saying is there is no place in red alert 1 for air to play a big role in battles 

The problem is one trick pony's without any real skill love op units that they can spam 

red alert 1 is rather broken game because this problem the game no fun if air exists and plays a role in the game 


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Yes true some maps are bad for this problem also happens with certain players who build air ever game and air attack regardless of the outcome

Being a Unlimited ore maps specialist who mainly plays maps like open gold rush & p4 the air problem is even worse then normal 

It's really sad red alert 1 is so much of a broken game air really is bad and a huge problem being as over powered as it is :(

red alert 1 is a really good game if it was not spoiled by the air problem but given the state the game is in now the game is so broken and unplayable :(


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