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Presets & Extra Player Options


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The "Extra Player Options" menu is extremely obscure. Most players don't know it exists, and some of those who know about it consider it "hidden". As if it's meant to be a secret menu. Please make it more visible.

By the way, options presets do not include the extra options, and if you host a game after being in another, your game will inherit the extra options from the last game that you were in. Of course you could change them, but that's something to fix. Newly hosted game should not automatically remember any settings from the previous one.

Another thing; when I load a preset, it applies correctly, but when a player joins the game, settings get reset, so I have to change them again manually or reload the preset every time a player joins, so it's not working properly.
PS: They get reset only if I loaded a preset, not if I set them manually.

Lastly; This is not a necessary thing, but you may wanna apply it:
When a player picks a color, it should be greyed-out for the rest of players.

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