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i recently installed cncnet red alert2/yuris revenge after a microsoft reinstall. my settings reset. i used to have my view during game play alot furhter away than it is currently 1920x1080. i remember it had something to do with ra2md and then change screen width and height however each time i go above this value now its strinks the screen to the top corner. its driving me nuts i use to have a large view of each map. please someone help i cant find any tips

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You don't need to change these settings from ra2md.ini, you can do it from within the client, which is easier and more useful.

Start the client, go to Options > Display.
Play with the settings there until you get the desired outcome.

My settings are Max resoultion for both In-game & Client.
Windowed mode: On. Borderless: Off. Fullscreen: Off.

Good luck!

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