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Extra Options Do Not Reset


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Straight to the point...

When you leave a room and make your own, game settings get reset to their default, meaning that you don't take the same settings from the previous room, which is good, but the problem is that you do take the "extra player options" settings from it.

I talked about this issue long before but it's yet to be fixed.
I know it seems minor, but it can be problematic sometimes.

The other day I joined a room and the host was noob (to say the least :D ) and coudn't understand how to disable auto-allying from the extra menu (option was enabled in the room he joined earlier), so he couldn't start the game, he quit and we didn't play, haha.

So, some people still don't know about that menu, and if you unknowingly take those settings from other rooms and can't change them (because you're noob), that might prevent you from playing! (until you restart the client). Please fix:
Reset the extra options when you host a game after joining another (all disabled by default).

Thank you.

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