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PortableRA beta released!


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PortableRA is a distribution of Red Alert 1 by Iran, here are some of the features:


- Comes with an easy to use installer

- Runs great on Windows 95 and later, Mac and Linux

- Completely no-CD, no need to have a random CD inserted

- Includes expansions and they can be enabled/disabled on the fly

- Comes with CnCNet for online play, lots of players on

- Uses CnC-DDraw to modernize the game's rendering system

- Is really easy to use, comes with a configuration tool and launcher

- Supports high game resolutions (even 3200x3200 works!)

- Has a fix for the 'out of sync' issue online after playing modded maps

- Allows you to play the Aftermath games with the build speed multiplier cap disabled

- Includes and supports all community non-code fixes and additions, such as small infantry

- Patched to integrate support for The Lost Files videos and extra, unreleased music tracks

- Comes with the latest unofficial patch to the game, ra303p-iran

- Completely online compatible with the version of the game used by online player (3.03)

- And MUCH more


This can be described as the most definite version of RA yet. RortableRA is filled with tweaks and features added by Iran (listed above)


Go download it at http://iran.cnc-comm.com/ra/. :) 

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Can I just say from myself and all my friends, Iran,




We have been waiting YEARS for a hassle free, all-in-one installer and launcher for modern x64 systems. And finally it is here. Your exe now rests next to nyerguds awesome all-in-one.  <3 <3 <3




All I hope now is that someone can fix the skirmish AI to build more high tech stuff and helis. The only redeeming feature of Retaliation on PSX was that the AI was marginally more intelligent.

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The AI already builds helis, Tech Center and Mammoth Tanks and such. You need to build a Helipad or they won't build a Radar Dome and hence not tech up. I added a RULES.INI keyword to patch out this check for their being a Helipad on the map.


I did some quick testing and the AI can be made to build Sub pen or Naval yard and it has code to build naval units, for some reason the code tries to have the AI build Missile Subs and Helicarriers (the hidden Aftermath unit). Haven't figured out how to fix that.

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Last weekend I was trying out the different versions of RA1 which are currently available.

My self modded hi-res (hifi) version of RA1 had some mouse cursor drawing problems on the new PC System.


-OpenRA 2013-05 - plays nicely for what it is, but too far from the original for me.

-OpenRA Classic RA - locks up sometimes, as already warned for. Still too far from the original anyways.

-Hifi DDraw.dll - Fixed my mouse cursor problem, that's nice, and runs fast enough on my new system.

-Arda project - Nice, but I had a little difficulty integrating it with my own adjustments. 

-(Irans) Portable RA - This is excellent!, Love the new build bar +aspect ratio correction+ small soldier option: I'll definitely stick with this.


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Is it possible to fix this bug that me and my friends come across often?


Something like this:


First, RA crashes. It shows a popup window that says something like "Instruction at <memory address> tried to access address 0x00000000. Press 'OK' to terminate the application."


It usually happens when we play a large 4 way or 3 way LAN game. We build up massive tank armies and when it is about to crash, it does weird stuff like you can plant other people's buildings, etc.



FWI- my dad looks like this when this happens:  :ranting:

Does anyone know the reason for this?

and if so, how to fix it?


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