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Command & Conquer: Classic Revolution (Brilliant RA1 AM Cold War style Mod)


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Many years ago now, a company (Westwood Studios) had a dream , a great idea for a game, one so great that they couldn't even make it. They had to first start by making a prequel to their game, for the consumer to better understand the greatness of the dream. Their idea was more powerful than they imagined, because their prequel (Command & Conquer) soon turned into a best seller. Little did they know, that this game name would one day be the name of a multimillion dollar franchise.


Scrambling to meet the fan's demands for more, they released a small expansion to their game, but even this wasn't enough! So, while continuing work on their dream, they released a second prequel, a prequel to their prequel! (Command & Conquer: Red Alert). Still the fans cried for more, MORE! and not one, but TWO expansions were born to satisfy the needs, born by the dream.


At some point here, the wealth generated by the dream became noticed by a monster we know today as EA Games. They say every man has his price, and it seemed Westwood Studios' was met. Seizing control, EA demanded more product and less time to make it. The dream (Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun) was finally released, but many of the ideas had in the beginning and along the way had to be left out, for it to be completed on schedule.


This marked the beginning of a slow but steady decline in the power of the original dream. And the decline was fully recognised with the release of Command & Conquer 4. As the series made a final nosedive, into the ground...




But the dream never truly died, because where there is demand, the call will be met, with or without money. Fans and programmers got together and formed new communities. New patches and enhancements to keep the classic games alive. Because, the truth is, we still want more, newbie and old timer players of Command & Conquer alike, we love the classics and want to relive the days of the dream.


Looks like we need, a...



Command and Conquer: Classic Revolution is a mod for Red Alert: Aftermath, created by me (White). The goal? To capture the classic feel of Command & Conquer, while also bringing you a whole new game, with new units, new teams and new strategies, pushing the boundaries of the Red Alert engine to being you a whole new experience, but once again capture your imagination in a world of gritty warfare.


But this isn't just about my mod, though, it's about a community of people, this mod showcases other people's amazing work also.


FunkyFr3sh's compiled, simplified and revolutionised Red Alert, making install and play easier on new systems (and probably much more that I don't know about):



AlexB's ARDA, an expansion for Command & Conquer: Red Alert. It is a DLL that uses Syringe to patch the game when it is running. Giving hundreds of new features and possibilities to an otherwise very limited game engine.



hifi's CnCnet, a community built open source tool created to connect the LAN lobbies of classic Command & Conquer games and mods, allowing internet games without any form of registration.




Command & Conquer: Classic Revolution, pitches the USA against the Soviet Union, in a battle for the world. Gather oil from derricks, refine it and choose what weapons to obliterate your opponent with.


So what's new in C&C:CR?


A whole new tech tree, new units and buildings. With some old ones to keep it classic. USA have many of the old TD structures, while the USSR have many RA structures, giving it a classic feel. Also new music and a few new sounds.



New base building style which eliminates base crawling. Most buildings must be placed next to your Construction Yard. You then have to build a Headquarters(USA) or Forward Command Post(USSR) to expand further. These two buildings (HQ/For Com Post) may be placed a long distance from your Construction Yard (or other HQ/For Com Posts). This means that you have separate bases and no strings of structures, while not having extremely quick build times on structures, as is the result of multiple Construction Yards.


Fences and Defenses may be placed a little further from your base, and fences can now we placed much the same as TS, in a long string, all at once.



New Resource, Oil. The Oil Refinery is one of the few buildings that can be placed at a longer distance from your command structures. Oil is gathered, using an oil tanker, from special tiles found next to oil derricks named "oil fill zone"s. Refineries no longer carry many credits, and you will have to construct silos more often, in order to keep all that lovely money you make from refining oil.

Because of the new resources, C&C:CR should always be played on special maps, I've included 3 in the first installment (They appear at the bottom of the list of maps and have (C&C:CR) written after the names). However, you can still play other maps without crashes etc.



You may no longer crush loads of infantry, and must actually shoot them now. Infantry also have more health, and are far more viable as a choice than in any other C&C game. Backed up with vehicle support, they are a formidable force.


Both teams have Rifle inf. and after building a radar dome, get Anti Tank inf. and AA inf.

The USA have a support troop that carries a light M/G and the Russians have an RPG that can fire either an AP round, or a flame round.


Light Vehicles:

While both teams have a nice variety of light vehicles now.

-The USA have Humvees armed with either a M/G or a TOW rocket launcher.

-The Russians have the BRDM (armored car) with a M/G or a Spandrel missile system that can fire a stream of anti tank rockets, but watch out, because once it's out of ammo it can take a while to reload them all.

-Both teams have the transport truck, which carries 6 troops for a low low cost.


Heavy/Advanced Vehicles:

All now require the Service Depo and more credits to be able to build, but are far stronger.


-The USA have the mighty M1A1 Abrams Tank, armed with both Uranium depleted rounds and a M/G.

And the M2 Bradly, armed with a chain gun with deadly accurate HE rounds and a TOW missile launcher. It can carry 6 troops.


-The Russians have the dreaded T-72, not as powerful main gun, but for a cheaper price, you'll see more of them, they also have a secondary M/G.

They also have the BMP armed similarly to the Bradly with an HE chain gun, but without the TOW launcher. It carries 6 troops


-Both teams also have the Mobile Artillery, but it's far scarier than it used to be.


After getting a tech center online, super artillery weapons become available.


-The USA have the MLRS, now firing duel missiles, either napalm or AP. These vehicles really do it all as they also can lay anti vehicle mines!


-If that wasn't enough, the Soviets have the SCUD missile launcher, the warhead works much like the old nuke, but not quite so much AOE. This missile is still the most potent explosive in the game, And can make quick work of most anything it hits.


Artillery Weapons:

Now have far more potent ranges, but will not automatically fire on enemies. Instead, you must select and command them to fire. Much like the old Cruiser, the Mobile Artillery must be told to fire slightly in front of it's target to get the projectile on target, at longer ranges.


AA units:

Both teams get AA inf but now also have mobile SAMs, once the tech center is built.

The USA have the Chaparral system, and the Russians have the SA-6 Gainful.



Both teams can build the Chinook, which now carries 6 men.

The USA have an Apache and the Russians a Hind.

Both attack helicopters are armed with rockets, they are a quick way to call in support to destroy enemy vehicles, or launch strikes against the enemy base. Their rockets do little to infantry.



Are armed with the famous anti armor chain guns. The A-10 warthog (USA) and the Frogfoot (Russia) are quick to take care of any vehicles and are reasonable vs infantry. They are even capable of taking out mobile SAMs, if they are quick, but their guns are almost completely ineffective against buildings.




What DOESN'T it do?

Campaign: I do eventually plan to make some single player missions for this style of play. Could be really cool.


Skirmish: The AI doesn't understand how to play this version of C&C and I doubt it ever will. If I figure out how to hack the crap out of the AI, I'll give it a shot, but it's a very (very) long shot. I don't ever expect to have working skirmish. You can, however, play skirmish mode to practice your builds and mess up a badly playing computer.

The computer will play better on standard maps, rather than C&C:CR maps though.




The latest version of C&C: Classic Revolution 18/02/2013: http://www.mediafire.com/?a8l10y69uc020ty




New Intro track added: Classic Revolution Theme (Due to the nature of the change, the full download has been updated. Don't try and just download a rules update)

Sample it here: https://soundcloud.com/c-c-classic-revolution/classic-revolution-theme




RPG now has 5.5 range (+0.5)




A bug that sometimes stopped the scud from firing, now fixed.




Some quick updates after the first games to help with balance and add a twist.

Keep 'em comin' commander!

Change log:


-Concrete wall price fixed, was $50 now $400

-Engineers can only capture HQ/F.Comm.Post

-Engineers now capture buildings on 100% HP

-AP and GAU8AP: was 75% to light armor now doing 100%

-Oil Tanker HP: was 150, now 200

-HQ/F.CommPost: HPwas 400, now 600

-M60mg (hummer/BRDM gun) ROF was 20 now 30 (+50% reload time)

-Hummer/BRDM were $400 now $600





Had some crashes I didn't know about, If the game is crashing for you after every game, or when you try to play any music, which will only be if you got the game right on release today. Now fixed





The game is released, it's time to call on you, to help the project go forward.

I need you to play this game and report any bugs or issues or any ideas you've had while playing.





Just use launcher.exe to practice against the computer (it's a bit incompetent with the new strategies), or use cncnet.exe to play online.

If you're coming online to play, then you're better to use p2p mode.

Then just start a multiplayer game and click network game to head into the lobby.


CnCNet 4.0 implements both tunneled and faster peer-to-peer mode. Peer-to-peer requires UDP port 8054 to be open to work and it is auto-detected on the first run.

portforward.com has an excellent per-router guide how to forward the port.

More info here: http://cncnet.org/setup-guide


If you want to find players, or have questions about setting up, come on into the CnCnet IRC: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=cncnet


but it doesn't end here, much more is to be added to the mod, this is just the stage you start to see what's going on and helping balance the game!



The first games are already being played, don't miss out, come join us!


Screen shots:


Me getting my but kicked by MNdakota:

- http://imgur.com/a/s2E7c

- http://imgur.com/a/8hGDc


A three way game, between White- (me), MNdakota and newcomer to the mod sibwarra:

- http://imgur.com/a/dm49R#0




A three way game; White, MNdakota and MattAttack (well worth the watch):

- C&C Red Alert: Epic CR FFA -- MattAttack, White, Dakota 18/1/13 FPVOD


MNdakota and Lovehandles duke it out:

- http://www.twitch.tv/mndakota/c/1835359

- http://www.twitch.tv/mndakota/c/1835366

- http://www.twitch.tv/mndakota/c/1835374




Up and coming: In order they will PROBABLY get done in


Screenshots/movies: The first are up, but there's more to come!


More Maps: I'm working on a new theater, at the moment, but plan to make more maps and convert some favorites over to C&C:CR resource styles (oil)


New Music: The talented Chris Geddes has agreed to write music for this mod. He's one of NZs up and coming composers, and has just recently had one of his pieces selected to be played by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.


Game Manual: To better explain the units, buildings, tech tree, new hotkeys and play style of the game.


New Theaters: AlexB, maker of ARDA, is looking into including Allen262s converted TD desert theater into his ARDA project, and on doing this, I will continue to make more maps, so you can duke it out in the desert. I will also be replacing the interior terrain with a whole new "Urban" setting, so you can duke it out with your friends and enemies in the city.




The latest version of C&C 18/02/1013: http://www.mediafire.com/?a8l10y69uc020ty



Anything else I need to add?




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I apologise that the link is down. Due to some unknown issues the game was crashing. I thought I could get it fixed in a moment but have had some ongoing problems trying to fix it. Please stay tuned, as behind this one small (but deadly) bug lies an amazing mod, that I hope people will have loads of fun playing their friends at.


I wanted to iron out all the kinks before the release, but as it turns out I wasn't quite careful enough.

Will be back soon, the bug shouldn't take long to fix :)



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Uploading a BMP is a reason to get mad for, but uploading a mod is ok as it doesn't automatically cause a download of a 11 MB image that could have been a kilobytes. :P


But I'm unsure if the PHP settings allow uploads higher than 2 MB which is the default.

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I thought you were stuck and required help. Did not know that you already solved all technical issues. Wonder why everyone dislikes OpenRA. Looks like the C&C gamers form a conservative and sometimes frightening hostile community. The gameplay shown on the videos is awesome by the way.

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Hey is there anywhere to see who is online on the mod as cncnet doesnt currently show numbers for this mod, I was just wondering if this might be added as I would love to get into the mod but not many ppl I know who play RA locally. occasional brother but he is more taken by the likes of WOW...

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  • 3 months later...

great mod white. Played it a bit this week but need more time to fully explore. Question: this is on cncnet with Arda? I would like to do the same with ine when its ready. What did you have to do for that? Wwould I have to talk to??

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On 7/9/2013 at 7:12 PM, ROB said:

great mod white. Played it a bit this week but need more time to fully explore. Question: this is on cncnet with Arda? I would like to do the same with ine when its ready. What did you have to do for that? Wwould I have to talk to??


i think you just need to set cncnet.exe to run the arda launcher

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Yep, just use CnCnet and make it run the Arda launcher as the exe

I should pop on and try to get a game with you. I've been out of the loop for a while doing civi time with the UN (I've been in a stage show, lol).


I should get back to making this mod, but it gets tedious sometimes.


To answer the earlier question, the urban terrain is for RA, it will replace the interior tiles.

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Ahh, interesting, he did it all using actual buildings like that... my idea is to have them as blocks of buildings surrounded by roads, with walkways between buildings.

And I say walkways, as only inf will be able to walk on them, and the buildings will leave behind impassible terrain, even after they're 100% destroyed.


I still have a lot of work to go though.

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