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This game looks badass


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Really, though... I'm very much looking forward to Grey Goo. It looks fantastic.


A campaign of 15 missions, though? That's the length of just one of the campaigns of C&C1... Not only does C&C have two, it has several alternate choices, too. So 15 missions is kinda disappointing, for a whole game.


grey goo did look p nice


what is the latest news, if any, on it?

Watch these two videos and find out? In the second, the release date is mentioned at the end. January 23 I think he said.

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Just speculating here, but they are developing a game with 3D units, physics rendered shaders (needs confirmation), etc


they will add campaigns for other factions later as DLC?


I mean, it seems for these studios that their will is to focus on Multiplayer aspects, in order to develop better the gameplay, engine, balance, behavior refinements, etc.

In the other hand, the players often wants a single player experience as part of the core of the game.

So, they bring SP mode to a minimal acceptable level.


I'm not a game maker, but if I would be developing a RTS today, to diminish the time of development, I would create a solid MP mode and leave the SP mode for an expansion/DLC.

I would even create early factions for the MP mode and leave the main factions of the game universe to debut in later access. Otherwise, even with a large team it will take 5 years at least to develop a complete game with 2 campaigns. Just opinion, not an expert.

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I pretty much only play games for the storyline... so a multiplayer-focused RTS would honestly not be anything I give money for, these days -_-

I'm with you on that.


I don't always have time for online play. I've always preferred story mode because it's progressive and has different goals throughout the game.


That's why I was disappointed when EA took this approach. :(

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Grey Goo is great! Though I do feel the need to mention I bought a brand new PC with 16 GB of RAM just before it was released :P


The campaign story is nice, and despite the fact it is quite short (15 missions spanning all three sides), it'll keep you busy for quite a while.


It has this good old C&C "fail and fail again until you get it right" feeling. Failing a mission generally didn't frustrate me, but made me evaluate my mistakes and try again in a different way, which I think is absolutely awesome. Do not even consider Easy difficulty. You need that "mission failed". It's part of the experience, as it always has been :D


On a related note to the "trying and failing" concept, though... loading savegames in the game is horrendously slow. But at least it has a "start" button after the loading so you don't have to be super-alert through that loading time.

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Tiberian sun has subterrain units, which is very innovative.


By the way, talking about badass games; the really cool looking games? Or games that are very chaotic?


Really cool looking game:

Where one explains the game a bit



And another plays with the most freeky monster



A chaotic game would be:


Ok, I don't even know any more what is going on in this next one:


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The makers of grey goo the same as those who made dune2?


Besides, only 15 missions doesn't mean it is short.

How many did Renegade have? That game got me occupied for a longer time than estimated.

Renegade is a completely different game type. Not really comparable.

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